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“My Burrito” Review: Tiko is Back with Another Hit!

There’s no cap in my rap or troll in my soul when I say that My Burrito by the sensational fishy Tiko is a banger. The G.O.A.T. of all fishes debuted his newest song with an official music video on May 20, and it has made quite the splashy splash with over 333,000 views on YouTube and 77,000 streams on Spotify in just a few days.

Listen. Get wet, I mean excited… yeah, excited. Enjoy the vibes. Repeat.

This is the official Syft exclusive review for the freshest song out, under, or above the sea. Let’s dive right in!

My Burrito
Courtesy of Tiko/YouTube


2020’s 5th ranked YouTube Creator, Tiko, dropped his newest single My Burrito on May 20, three months after the smash hit Expectations. It of course features his alter ego “Fishy” and trademark voice modulator.

My Burrito is actually Tiko’s second track about the delectable Mexican dish, following last June’s Burrito On Me, which currently has over 10 million views. June of 2020 firmly cemented Tiko as a breakout creator, gaining more than 1 million subscribers in the month alone. 

The official music video was edited by video editor danzey.

Song Synopsis

It’s a known fact that thievery of someone’s burrito is one of the most egregious crimes known to man (especially bean burritos.) My Burrito is a classic tale of someone who has a deep infatuation for burritos on a path of sorrow and retribution towards the low life who stole it from them. Down bad and completely in his feels, Tiko makes it known that petty crimes equal petty times in store for the burrito bandit. He will pull up to your house, and meals may or may not be violated as collateral for such a heinous crime… also, sharpies may or may not be involved.

In short, you’re dead in the water if you mess with his burritos. But if not, you’re chillin’…

My Burrito
Courtesy of Tiko/Spotify

Production & Lyrics

The song’s production is very upbeat and bright and stands out as one of the highlights of the song. It’s an audible experience of tropical vibes with high energy and positivity, which gives the track great replayability. Its vibrant vibes and frisky melodies coordinate well with Tiko’s youthful spirit.

My Burrito’s production to me also sounds like a remixed Super Mario track, which is always a good thing!

As for the lyrical content, My Burrito is a track totally on brand with Tiko’s character: trollish and silly, but funny, relaxed, and high-spirited, which is a recipe for success that our favorite fish has mastered. In other words, if you were expecting hot bars, Grammy award-winning singing, or anything of the sort, then alas, you were sorely misled—but Tiko fans already knew this. With that being said, My Burrito is ripe with elementary wit and humor, with a rudimentary concept that accomplishes exactly what it was supposed to do: generate laughter and put smiles on peoples’ faces.

My Burrito
Mario says My Burrito is fire! Courtesy of Nintendo

Final Thoughts & Rating

My Burrito is another example as to why Tiko continues to trend upstream as the big fish on YouTube. It’s tough to top the massive success and addicting quirkiness of Fishy On Me, but this latest drop is also a splash hit.

My Burrito is a pure well of good vibes and entertainment consisting of a sprinkle of everything that has made him an enormous success. It’s comedic and silly in nature but vastly appealing in its delivery, catchiness, and replayability. Memeish and hysterical in nature, this Tiko joint excels as a recognizable extension of the character and is yet another successful addition to his catalogue.

It has all the makings of another viral success, and is another terrific effort for Tiko, who is steadily adding to his legacy as a legitimate musical act. Considering all the above, as well as what you can reasonably expect of a song from a creator like Tiko, I’d say his newest drop was a resounding success. For that, I give My Burrito a respectable 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Now, I’m just waiting on Tiko’s new song titled, “Burritos On Me.” 😂

My Burrito is available now on YouTube and Spotify.

My Burrito
“My Burrito” Review: Tiko is Back with Another Hit! 8
My Burrito
“My Burrito” Review: Tiko is Back with Another Hit! 9
My Burrito
“My Burrito” Review: Tiko is Back with Another Hit! 10
My Burrito
“My Burrito” Review: Tiko is Back with Another Hit! 11

To Tiko: just keep swimming/keep doing what you’re doing!

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