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My 5 favorite Mario Kart Maps

I have been playing Mario Kart for years now, and it is absolutely one of my favorite multiplayer games of all time. Throughout my many years of playing this game, I have decided on some favorite maps. Let me take you through them all.

Mario Kart Verge 1
Courtesy of The Verge

No. 5 – Big Blue

Big Blue is a relatively newer track and has a very fast-paced feel to it. This is one of the reasons it is so great. You just really feel like you are going faster than usual, even if you actually are not. There are also three sections to the map so you do not do laps. This is a great feature to the map as it allows you to not get bored during the final lap. A cool feature of this specific map is the water slides that propel you and allow you to make super sharp turns.

MK Big Blue 1
Courtesy of GameBanana

No. 4 – DK Summit

This race takes you on a tall mountain that you must ride down at super fast speeds. There is also a super dope half pipe that can help you pick up speed if you hit it the right way over and over again. This map is just simply fun to play, and there is not too much too it. It is just all-around simple and a good time, which is all we really need from a Mario Kart map.

MK DK Summit 1
Courtesy of Mario Kart

No. 3 – Cheese Land

This map is made entirely out of cheese, what more do you want me to say about it? If you can not appreciate this map for being made out of cheese, there is nothing else I could say about it that would peak your interest more than that.

MK Cheese Land 1
Courtesy of Mario Kart

No. 2 – Bowser’s Castle

Bowser’s Castle is a hard map full of lava, tight turns and tons of obstacles that get in your way. My favorite maps in Mario Kart are the ones that, no matter how many times you play it, you will still have trouble finishing it.

MK Bowsers Castle 1
Courtesy of Mario Kart

No. 1 – Rainbow Road

This may not come as a surprise to many as this map is known as being the hardest and the most fun. There have been a couple versions of Rainbow Road, but for this list, I am just going to clump them all together because they are similar enough. This map has you take really sharp turns, but the catch is there is no barrier to stop you if you take the turn wrong. Be prepared to fall at least a couple of times whenever you play this map. But fear not, the map is long enough where even if you fall off, you can still make a comeback and win.

MK Rainbow Road 1
Courtesy of KokiriGaming

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