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My 100th article: What I have learned about gaming by writing for Syft

Here it is guys, I have been eyeing this number for a couple weeks now and it’s finally here. My 100th article. I have been a fan of video games all my life, but writing for a gaming website such as Syft has taught me a couple new things that I did not know before.

My 100th article What I have learned about gaming by writing for Syft
My 100th article: What I have learned about gaming by writing for Syft 2

Gaming news comes fast and often

In order to write for a website such as Syft, I needed to be constantly in touch with what is going on in the gaming world. I thought that would be easy enough as I love video games and am interested in the gaming world. I thought wrong. Being caught up in the gaming world isn’t as simple as you would think. I need to constantly be checking and rechecking Twitter and the rest of the internet to make sure that nothing important has happened in the last 30 seconds that I was not paying attention.

Gaming news pretty much covers everything

When I started writing for Syft, I imagined myself writing about the basics: New and upcoming games, upcoming consoles and even reviews. I did not imagine myself writing about a console that can hold your beer or a wife that got tricked by her gamer husband. I think the main thing I learned from this is that gaming news can be pretty much anything. The gaming world, especially during COVID-19 has turned into a worldwide phenomenon. Anything can be gaming news if you hit it from the right angle.

Gaming will never die

The most prominent thing I learned while being a gaming journalist so far is that gaming will always be a thing. Every day there is news about a new gaming device or an update in gaming itself. So many people all around the world are constantly putting in work to push gaming to the next level. If you look back only 20 years ago, gaming looked entirely different than the way it does today. I can only imagine what the world of gaming will be like in 2040. Who knows, maybe I will be on my 10,000th article by then.

When all is said and done, I am a gamer and I always will be. I want to thank everyone and anyone who has read my articles and gotten me to the point where I am now. Here is to the next 100 articles and many more. I hope you guys will still be reading.

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