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Music Genres That Really Boost Your Gaming Montage

Music Genres That Really Boost Your Gaming Montage

The gaming industry has expanded in popularity and is on its way to becoming the most profitable entertainment industry in the world. Even before the pandemic, the gaming market was bringing in more revenue than the film and music industries combined. 

With billions of gamers increasing the global revenue of the gaming world, the number of gaming influencers is rising steadily. These influencers have completely revolutionized the way we perceive music promotion and are monetizing their skills by gaining large audiences on social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. These gaming personalities produce engaging content and share their opinions about the latest games, gadgets, and technology. They collaborate with brands to promote products and services and team up with musicians and record labels to promote music via gaming montages. 

Gaming montages are fast-paced video clips edited together with music that aims at showcasing a gamer’s best skills. If you’re wondering whether people really watch gaming content on YouTube, the answer is a yes! YouTube has maintained its position as one of the world’s biggest global outlets for gaming videos and has a 44 percent viewer reach. If you’re interested in diving headfirst into the crazy, competitive world of gaming influencers, you’ll first have to learn more about how gaming montages work.

The Importance Of Music In Gaming Montages

From the right set of gameplay clips to the appropriate music track, there’s a lot that goes into a gaming montage. Your skills are definitely noteworthy where gaming montages are concerned, but there’s one key, make-or-break factor that could make your video viral like no other. It’s the music!

Music plays a major role in how viewers perceive your gaming montage. It activates and enhances a viewer’s sense of immersion, serves as a cue for plot changes, and makes the experience of watching a montage far more entertaining. 48% of YouTube gamers say they spend more time watching gaming videos on YouTube than actually playing games.

If your montage doesn’t have music to keep viewers hooked to the video – it is likely for them to get bored within the first ten seconds itself. Music can help rack up thousands if not millions of viewers for gamers, and also help distinguish the video from others like it. 

Gaming YouTube influencer Radius was discovered on the social media platform because of his montage videos, particularly Lemonade which featured the titular song from Internet Money, Gunna, and Don Toliver. The video garnered over 7 million views, 269K likes, and over 10,000 comments in nine months and is one of the top searched montages today. When Radius was starting out, however, he barely had 10 likes on his videos! The numbers prove that the right music in montages can help generate more views and leads for gamers. But how can you select the right music genre from the thousands that are available?

Music Genres

These Music Genres Will Boost Engagement On Your Gaming Montages

We get it – picking the right music genre for your gaming montage is by no means an easy task. Your montage’s music can define your success as a gaming influencer, so it’s important to know all about incorporating the right track to your video at the right time. Correlating your music with your gameplay clips is your best bet to get discovered by a large gaming community.

Music Genres

#1 Instrumental And Ambient Music For Adventure Games

Ambient music is wildly popular with gamers as it emphasizes tone and atmosphere over traditional, rhythmic music. Instrumental music too is super easy to listen to and often includes inarticulate vocals which are gripping and easy to listen to. 

Instrumental and ambient music genres are ideal for adventure game montages, particularly for walkthroughs of role-playing games (RPGs), open-world, and adventure games. It can get really boring if there isn’t engaging music in a walkthrough video as viewers spend a lot of time exploring the universe with the player.

These are video guides aimed towards improving a player’s skill within a certain game, and ambient or instrumental music will mimic life-like experiences when traveling in a video game setting. It can really help create the right ambient experience!

#2 Hip Hop For More Intense Games

Hip Hop is becoming more and more popular and is being used as a classic alternative to Rock music. It’s quite different, but thanks to its familiar energy and mood, it actually makes for a great montage music genre.

The Hip Hop genre has many sub-genres such as Alternative hip hop, Hipster hop, Boom bap, and Bounce among others for gamers to choose from! Want a track with vocals? You got it. Need a track without any lyrics but a range of varying moods? You got that too! The only difference between Hip Hop and other genres are that these tracks tend to suit more intense games, such as those featuring thriller/horror themes. If you’re a gamer who enjoys First-person shooter games and is looking for a track to fit your new montage – look no further. Hip Hop is all you need!

#3 Rock Music For Grinds And Action Games

If you’re grinding through an action-adventure game or working on a no-talk playthrough, adding a track from the Rock genre to your gaming montage could be a match made in heaven. Most gamers select rock music without vocals so the focus remains on the gameplay. Rock music is also used during live streams and game breaks to keep viewers engaged while the player takes a break.

#4 Chill Electronic And EDM For Casual Playthroughs

The Chill Electronic genre, also referred to as “Chill” is really trending with millennials right now! It’s relaxing background music that is fairly neutral and effortless to listen to. The subgenres pose plenty of options to select a track for your montage, including the likes of LO-FI (low-fidelity), Easy listening, New-age music, and Acid jazz among others. 

Chill electronic music and the EDM genre can create amazing results when added to playthrough montages of puzzle, exploration, or strategy games that have less action and are more slow-paced. This is the kind of music that always hangs around in the background and most viewers won’t even realize it was there – until it’s gone.

The music in your montage is super important. It helps viewers shape emotional responses towards your montage and build a connection with you as a gaming influencer. All you have to really do to set yourself up for success as a gaming influencer is combine your gaming montage with the right music genre!

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