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Music and Video Games: What’s the link?

Music has been an extremely important part of human culture. Not only is it enjoyable, it also allows people to express themselves in different ways. 

Grieving over a sad and depressing situation? Try “Wake Me Up When September Ends.” Feeling happy about a joyous occasion? Why not put on “Happy” by Pharrell Williams? Want to work out, but no specific song or album comes to mind? Pop on some video game soundtracks to get you fully hyped.

Music’s malleability allows it to be usable in all situations. The same can be said about video games.

Video Games
Music and Video Games: What's the link? 3

SYFT.GG just launched as a monetization service which appeals to both gamers and musicians. In the same vein, playing video games and playing an instrument – though typically seen as wholly different – are a lot more similar than people think.

Unless people have a musical background, learning and playing a musical instrument is fairly difficult. Nevertheless, the allure and gratification that comes with learning how to adequately play an instrument is tempting, and it’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument. 

Similarly, video games are meant to be fun and entertaining for people of all ages, but there are some people who may not be adept at playing. These people can always learn at their own pace and reap the rewards of their hard work.

Whatever the case may be, video games offer the same allure and gratification as instruments.

Video Games
Courtesy of Harmonix

Regardless of which learning series a person chooses, they will get the same experience. It’s also important to note that while conventional wisdom would dictate that overlaying two difficult hobbies together would double the difficulty, Rock Band/Guitar Hero does the opposite. The game gives players an easier entry point, especially since diving into learning an instrument can be a daunting task. Playing Rock Band, though not a substitute for actual guitar playing, can teach gamers the fundamentals of playing guitar and other instruments. 

Additionally, though no conclusive studies have been conducted as of writing, video games can also positively affect someone’s ability to play an instrument by way of finger dexterity. Being able to play video games relies heavily on how dexterous a gamer’s fingers are, much like being able to play instruments. Also, not only are video games and playing instruments similar disciplines in some respects, there’s also evidence of the two influencing each other, particularly in the case of rap and hip-hop artists sampling prominent Nintendo sound effects and songs. 

It’s not only Nintendo; a quick Google search shows a vast selection of games artists have sampled for their songs. What’s more, notable video game personalities such as FaZe Blaze, Neffex, Tiko, and many more are delving into the music sphere. It’s almost become a rite of passage for well-known video game personalities to create their own music as a way to diversify themselves. 

All that being said, what’s the future of music and video games? Will more musicians begin to produce video game music for Triple-A titles or will more well-known gamers and influencers continue to expand their reach into the music industry?

The music and video game industries are so fluid that it’s incredibly difficult to predict what will happen next. We do have some indications, though: as previously mentioned, SYFT.GG just launched as a service dedicated to support both gamers and musicians and suggests that music and gaming will continue to intertwine well into the future. 

Music and video games will always be linked in some way, shape or form. The best thing we can all do is enjoy the ride and appreciate what we’re seeing and hearing. 

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