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MSI 2021 Rumble Day 4 Recap: Choosing the title contenders

MSI 2021 continued on Monday with Rumble Day 4 as six matches concluded and the top teams continue to rise above the rest.

MSI 2021 Rumble Day 4 Recap: Choosing the title contenders 2


A rematch between two of the title contenders, PSG looked to add another loss to the notch of RNG. The early game was dictated by the pace of the PSG Bot Lane and Kim “River” Dong-woo on the Rumble. By the 20-minute mark, the PSG representatives were knocking on the door of RNG.  However, the LPL champions had other plans and were able to secure Baron Nashor. In the end, all eyes were on Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei with a three-man sleep with Lillia and RNG that marched down the midlane to end the game.


In another game of titans, the MAD Lions looked to avenge their loss yesterday against the defending world champions in Damwon KIA. However, unlike yesterday’s game, Damwon exhibited complete control and started to siphon off the MAD Lions with great plays from Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu on the Udyr. The game was relatively low action from both sides, and in the end, it was too much for MAD with Damwon closing it off in relatively smooth style.

C9 – RNG 

It was once again do or die for Cloud9. Sitting at 1-5 in the Rumble Stage, Cloud9 had another mountain to climb if it wanted to advance to the playoffs. The first obstacle in its way was Royal Never Give Up. Having just taken a comeback victory against PSG Talon, RNG entered with momentum. However, C9 jungler Robert “Blaber” Huang exploded out of the gates, coming away with three kills in three ganks before the four-minute mark, hyping up the North American squad and fans. 

Fighting over the second drake, RNG attempted to create a pick onto Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme, but with the clutch stopwatch and TP flank from Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami, C9 was able to destroy the teamfight, clean up RNG and take the drake. Blaber, who was undoubtedly feeling it, ran circles around RNG, picking up kill after kill and making all the difference for his team against possibly the toughest opponent in the entire tournament. Vulcan continued to be one of the most underrated players in MSI, his consistency is unmatched and critical for Cloud9. In the end, it was domination for Cloud9 and an all-around team effort in a crucial win. 


After a bit of a skid, MAD Lions came into this game craving a win to stay on track. Meanwhile, on the other side, PGG also desperately needed a win and looked to steal one away from the struggling MAD Lions. However, the game was an absolute stomp. MAD Lions destroyed Pentanet.GG, with everyone on the team getting unbelievably ahead of their respective opponents. It was a quick 24-minute victory for the European squad and a much needed one at that. With this loss, Pentanet.GG is officially out of the tournament, and the MAD Lions are still in a prime position to advance to the knockout stage, so long as they keep up the solid performance.


DAMWON started the day with a win over MAD Lions and wanted to qualify for the knockout stage by securing its last game of the day. DAMWON had a massive early-game performance and led in terms of gold and map control. PSG Talon’s mid-game fights were just trolls, as their effort worked for DAMWON. The Korean team improved its lead by playing a textbook macro game. The match ended in 29 minutes. With that said, DAMWON KIA secured its spot for the knockout stage after Royal Never Give Up.

PGG – C9 

Cloud9’s win over RNG was huge considering NA’s possibility of making it to the knockout stage; however, Pentanet had different plans. The Oceania representative played its heart out and had a significant lead in terms of team composition. It was an important matchup for both sides; Cloud9 wanted to keep its hopes alive for the knockout stage and Pentanet wanted to secure at least one win before getting eliminated. In the end, Pentanet’s dream came true. The Oceania team won the game in 38 minutes and secured its one and only win in the big leagues.

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