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MSI 2021 Rumble Day 5 Recap: DK, RNG, PSG and MAD Advance

For the final day of MSI’s Rumble Stage, two spots were up for grabs. Who took the spots? Here’s our recap of the day

MSI 2021 Rumble Day 5 Recap: DK, RNG, PSG and MAD Advance 2

RNG vs. DK

Sitting at 6-2 and 7-1 respectively, Royal Never Give Up and DAMWON KIA were the second- and first-place teams heading into this showdown. The beginning of the game was toe-to-toe, with both teams trading advantages back and forth. While RNG bot laner Chen “GALA” Wei had picked up two kills early on, DK top laner Kim “Khan” Dong-ha’s CS lead had grown to over 40 before 10 minutes, and that is with lane opponent Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao getting the supposed counterpick in Gnar. 

It was a slower game, with the stakes well in the minds of both teams. But RNG support Shi “Ming” Sen-Min’s impact was too strong, and with superior objective control, RNG was able to successfully close out the game in 33 minutes. 


This hasn’t been the easiest tournament for Pentanet.GG. Already mathematically eliminated from the event, PGG was just playing for pride and spoils. Having just upset Cloud9 a day ago, its new opponent in PSG Talon was much like Cloud9, still had everything to play for. 

The game instantly opened up in the favor of PSG, with jungler Kim “River” Dong-woo and mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang each picking up a kill at the three-minute mark. The rest of the game followed suit, and there was never a moment in which PSG didn’t have complete control. At the end of the game, Pentanet.GG hadn’t even taken down a single tower, but PSG had shut down its opponent in dominant fashion. 


Cloud9 hoped for an RNG win in this matchup in order to play a tiebreaker, but MAD Lions had a great performance today. İrfan “Armut” Tükek’s comfort pick Wukong worked so well for the side of MAD Lions. RNG’s laning phase was a little hard considering team compositions and MAD used that lead to increase the gold gap. Marek “Humanoid” Brazda’s Lucian literally destroyed early and midgame. MAD Lions secured an important win and qualified for the knockout stage. With that said, Cloud9 has been eliminated.

PSG vs. C9

Cloud9 lost all its claims for the upper stages, so it was a game that didn’t really mean anything; however, both teams took the game seriously and put on an entertaining show. Cloud9 made so many mistakes during the early game but managed to make it up in a short amount of time. Midgame fights were pretty close, but PSG had a small lead which turned into a massive one in only a couple of minutes. PSG Talon won the game in 37 minutes and completed the rumble stage with a solid win over Cloud9. 

DK vs. PGG

Pentanet.GG wasted no time and started off the match by rushing Daniel “Decoy” Ealam and Mark “Praedyth” Lewis down bottom lane only to get sandwiched between Heo “ShowMaker” Su and Jang “Ghost” Yong-jun while facing off against Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee below DWG KIA’s turret. 

Ghost maintained pressure on Decoy and landed the first kill for DWG while Praedyth limped off into the forest. Meanwhile, Brandon “BioPanther” Alexander held a solo defense of PGG’s upper lane turret that ultimately floundered once a DWG duo came in with a rift herald to knock out the first turret of the game. In the bottom lane, Decoy and Paredyth went 2v2 against Ghost and Beryl resulting in Beryl biting the dust before passing the baton to Ghost who laid waste to Praedyth and then barely managed to scratch DWG’s turret before joining Beryl in the dust. 

The struggle for bottom lane domination made its way into the forest where DWG went four-to-four with PGG, but DWG brought a rift herald with them to push PGG up the lane and take another turret. Fighting stretches into midlane where DWG claims another turret, and then back up into the forest where they swept up a Baron Nashor buff and pushed into PGG’s base, wiping the team and taking the game. 

MAD vs. C9

It’s the game that all North American fans have been waiting for: Cloud9 vs. MAD Lions. From the jump, C9 and MAD were down and duking it out for victory with İrfan “Armut” Berk Tükek and Javier “Elyoya” Prades tag teaming C9’s Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami scoring the first kill of the game. But Fudge didn’t take that sitting down and took out Armut, resuming defense of the upper lane turret after a respawn.

One-on-one clashes weaved themselves between mid and top lane through the forest with Elyoya and Marek “Humanoid” Brázda making their way to the first turret of the match in top lane. While C9 focused its efforts on batting away the Lions from midlane, Humanoid seized the opportunity to solo-topple an unguarded turret in bottom lane. The war in midlane rages with both teams stacking up 12 kills before a MAD trio nails Perkz to the wall of his own base before taking out C9’s last midlane turret with a Rift Herald before the base. 

But the battle raged on as both teams made their way to the upper lane river to vie for the baron kill, and C9 managed to stop the lions before taking a late game barron kill for itself. Riding this late-game lead, C9 marched on and toppled the last midlane turret while MAD was tied up trying to do the same in the upper lane. After one push out of the Lion’s base, C9 dominated in a team to teamfight, coming out with a kill score of 25 to 14 and taking the win while MAD made a last-ditch effort to take a very late-game Baron kill. 

C9 and PGG have been eliminated and Damwon KIA, Royal Never Give Up, PSG Talons and MAD Lions have advanced to the knockout stage. DK has selected the LEC representatives while the PCS and LPL will face off in the second match of the day. We look forward to the knockout stages.

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