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MSI 2021 Rumble Day 3 Recap: PSG Talon’s Time To Shine

RNG and DAMWON are still the strongest teams in 2021’s MSI. We have seen surprisingly good performances from MAD Lions before, but today was PSG Talon’s day to shine. The PCS team managed to upset both RNG and MAD to improve in the Rumble Stage. Here are the recaps of day three.

MSI 2021 Rumble Day 3 Recap: PSG Talon’s Time To Shine 3

Cloud9 – Pentanet

Cloud 9 and Pentanet.GG’s third rumble match started off with Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney drawing first blood on Luka “Perkz” Perković, but Robert “Blader” Huang out of C9 was able to rack up two dragon kills within the first few minutes of the match. Jesper “Zven” Svennigsen and Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme managed to maintain defense on C9’s bottom lane turret as a PGG trio made its way down bottom lane, but Blaber slid out of the river into bottom lane to squish PGG into C9’s defense.

Barely making it out of the C9 bottom lane tag team, Daniel “Decoy” Ealam casted shield and pushed his way back down the lane, managing to pick off Vulcan, but Perkz came through to help Blaber and Zven hold the line. 

C9 managed to get the rift herald and bring it up to the top of middle lane to wreak havoc on PGG’s midlane turret while Vulcan duked it out with Mark “Praedyth” Lewis in the bottom lane with support from Zven and blaber coming out of the river. After putting Praedyth in his place, Vulcan and the C9 duo marched back up river, pushing PGG to the side and taking the dragon for themselves. 

By the 20-minute mark, C9 was at an even three with PGG for downed turrets and at nine to four in kills. C9 continued into the end of the match by marching to PGG’s midlane front gates, commencing in a team to team brawl where C9 took out PGG’s first inhibitor turret. C9 briefly trickled back down into the forest to secure another dragon before going on the war path to knock out PGG and secure the game. 

RNG – PSG Talon

Royals may never give up, but that doesn’t mean they can’t lose. The PSG Talon-Royals Never Give Up rumble began with Ling “Kaiwing” Kai Wing pulling out first blood on Chen “Gala” Wei. Kaiwing followed this up linking into a trio with Chiu “Doggo” Tzu-Chuan and Kim “River” Dong-woo to storm RNG’s bottom lane turret and face off against another RNG trio resulting in a triple kill on RNG’s Gala and Shi “Ming” Sen-Ming, only managing to tickle the bottom lane turret before RNG’s bots rushed in.

However, RNG did manage to take out the first turret in the top lane with assistance from a rift herald, but that victory was short lived as Dogo and three other PSG players kept the pressure on and toppled RNG’s bottom lane turret. 

Doggo and crew kept up that energy and took the fight to midlane to topple RNG’s first turret. After taking out one of the dragons, PSG kept up the momentum and toppled that second midlane turret with the assistance of a rift herald before moving RNG’s first inhibitor turret only to be pushed back. PSG managed to eviscerate RNG’s team while PSG Dogo and Hanabi swept up a barron kill.

PSG then moved on to fighting for the dragon in the river in a team to team battle with RNG, but Dogo managed to take the dragon while RNG was pushed back. 

With 21 to seven kills and four to two down turrets at around 20 minutes in, PSG marched down bottom lane, toppled another turret and marched over RNG’s bottom inhibitor turret. PSG continued its siege on RNG’s base, raking up a rampage for Hanabi and sealing the deal on PSG’s win. 


In the final game of the first half of the round robin, we saw the world champions in Damwon take on the MAD Lions in what some consider the slowest game of the tournament. With only a combined 13 kills, it was a relatively slower game at the start of the day. Initially it was the bot lane of MAD which was picking up the tempo advantage; however, Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu was slowly able to pick up the tempo on the Morgana, and DAMWON was able to clear MAD Lions after a free baron.

RNG – Pentanet

Poor Pentanet. Being the victims of two very short and very bloody games, RNG took the title of fastest game of MSI 2021 with an 18-minute game. Yan “Wei” Yangwei got his hands on the Rumble and picked up several free kills through ganks across the map, and Chen “GALA” Wei placed himself on the scaling Varus being able to eviscerate the botlane of the Oceanic team. In the end, it was a 28 to four game in favor of the Chinese representatives and it is looking like strong favorites into the second round robin.

Cloud9 – DAMWON

The last time these two teams faced off just a few days ago, it was a banger of a back-and-forth match which ultimately went the way of DAMWON. But with their backs to the wall, the representatives of North America came into this game knowing they had to walk away with a win against the Korean champs. DAMWON struck first, with Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu securing first blood onto Ibrahim “Fudge” Allami. However, it didn’t take long for Fudge to return the favor to top laner Kim “Dong” Dong-ha. With lane advantages across the map and priority over the dragon pit, DAMWON had clear control over the early game. 

It was once again a back-and-forth showdown between the two teams, but once again, it was Cloud9 coming up short. The story remained the same for C9; they came so close, but weren’t able to snatch the victory. Meanwhile, although DAMWON may not be performing as well as it wants to, the team remains a favorite to win the entire event going into the playoffs. 

PSG Talon – MAD Lions

Having just upset Royal Never Give Up, PSG Talon came into this game tied with MAD Lions at 3-2. Despite being equal in the standings, MAD undoubtedly came into the match as the favorites. It was a rough start for MAD Lions, especially for support Norman “Kaiser” Kaiser, who had died three times prior to the 10-minute mark.

PSG had complete control over the early game, picking up five kills as well as the sole dragon and Rift Herald. PSG’s transition to the midgame was flawless, and by the 20-minute mark, the game was as good as done. It was total domination for PSG Talon, which ended the day with insanely impressive victories against RNG and MAD Lions. Meanwhile, MAD Lions end the day with two losses, though still two games ahead of next-best Cloud9.  

Courtesy of Riot Games

The Rumble Stage continues with action as we come closer to the very end of the tournament. The decider will be the performances during the upcoming days of action. Let’s see if RNG and DAMWON prove their worth and meet in the finals.

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