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MSI 2021 Day 4 Recap: Unicorns of Love and Royals Never Give Up

MSI 2021 Day 4 Recap: Unicorns of Love and Royals Never Give Up 2

Unicorns of Love – Royal Never Give Up 

Day 4 of the MSI Group Stage showed off a battle between the Unicorns of Love and Royal Never Give Up. While the Unicorns were able to showcase some very unique picks like the Nocturne top, RNG had other plans. The game seemed relatively in control of RNG and even allowed objective control and a Baron take. But the Unicorns showed their horns and cleaned up after the baron was taken by RNG, and the game was over in a blink of an eye. Even with almost 40 kills, the Chinese representatives took a quick victory and locked up first seed in the group.

Unicorns of Love – Pentanet.GG 

It was a battle for the second seed between UOL and PGG. Last time, Pentanet took the better hand, but now its a rematch between CIS and Oceania. Who will come out on top? Well, just as one may expect Unicorns to beat Koalas, the Unicorns made quick work of Pentanet by securing objective control and even using more meta picks like Rumble Jungle to squeeze the life out of Pentanet. 

Royal Never Give Up – Pentanent.GG 

Was there ever even a chance that Royal Never Give Up was going to drop a match? Probably not, but with so much on the line, Oceania’s Pentanet.GG had to give it its all in every match. While RNG went with a standard team composition for its first match against PGG of the day, PGG brought out the Qiyana for mid laner Jesse “Chazz” Mahoney. Despite the pocket pick, PGG ended up falling to the Chinese juggernauts in a swift 31 minutes. 

Royal Never Give Up – Unicorns of Love

If you thought there wasn’t a chance of RNG losing to Pentanet.GG, then there definitely was no shot the CIS’ Unicorns of Love were going to take them down. The game was over in the blink of an eye. In under 20 minutes, Royal Never Give Up clobbered UOL. It was once again a standout performance from jungler Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, who participated in 18 out of the RNG’s 19 kills. With a KDA of 7/0/11, it wasn’t hard for RNG to close out the game. 

Pentantent.GG – Unicorns of Love

Pentanet looked like the underdog in Group A considering RNG’s dominance and Unicorns of Love’s Worlds 2020 performance; however, Pentanet managed to steal a game from them in their first matchup. Today, Pentanet showed another dominant performance against the CIS representative and upset UOL once again. Despite Oceania’s struggles before the 2021 season, the spirit and passion it has shown in this tournament have been outstanding. With that said, Pentanet guaranteed a tie-breaker against Unicorns of Love to proceed in the tournament.

Pentanent. GG – Royals Never Give Up 

RNG decided to give its sub top laner Yang “Xiaobai” Zhong-He a chance and benched Yuan “Cryin” Chneg-Wei. The surprising point of this change was not Xiaobai subbing in but Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao switching to mid lane for a game. To be honest, we missed him playing in mid lane, especially on Ryze. This move increased Pentanet’s chances of making it out of the group a little bit, but the Chinese macro game is just unbeatable. Xiaohu’s incredible Ryze performance helped RNG get that early lead it was looking for. After that, it was almost impossible for Pentanet to hold onto the game. Royal Never Give Up won the game in 23 minutes and finished the group stage without a loss.


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