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Most Effective Ways to Make Money in Escape from Tarkov

Having tons of money is not only beneficial in real life, but also in first-person shooters. Making money in Escape from Tarkov is essential in getting the best gear and leveling up your character. The economic system built within the game can get a little intimidating with its extensive amounts of detailed features. Instead of using your own real money to fill up your in-game bank account, here are some effective ways to make loads of money in Escape from Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov 1
Courtesy of Battlestate Games

Raid Missions

The most basic way to make money in Escape from Tarkov is to successfully complete a raid. Going into the game for the first time will make you realize that winning raids is actually a difficult thing to accomplish. It’s easy for you to die and lose all of your equipment before making it to the extraction point. Because of how hardcore of a game Escape from Tarkov is, it is important to get to know the different maps and practice in offline mode.

EFT Raid Missions 1
Courtesy of Battlestate Games

A less financially risky way to play raid missions is to play as SCAV instead of PMC. If you choose to play as SCAV, you will spawn with random equipment and won’t lose anything upon your death. Since you didn’t use any of your own medical supplies or ammo, every successful SCAV raid will result in more profit compared to any successful PMC raid.

The best maps for looting are Interchange and Shoreline. Interchange is considered to be the most loot rich map in the whole game and you get free access to all parts of the map. You will be able to find plenty of shelves full of electronic parts as well as hidden weapon crates. Shoreline doesn’t have as large of a quantity of loot that Interchange has, but the quality of the loot is the best that you can find. The Azure Coast health resort does require certain keys in order to unlock all of the rooms, which can be obtained from random spawns, looting corpses or the Flea Market.

EFT Raid Missions 2 1
Courtesy of Battlestate Games

Flea Market

You won’t be able to get access to the Flea Market until you reach Level 5, but once you do, it opens a lot of opportunities to make money. Less valuable loot should be sold to the NPC vendors while uncommon items should be sold on the Flea Market. 

By taking advantage of the game’s Hideout feature, you can use the Workbench and the Lavatory to craft prized items from your collection of materials and later sell them on the Flea Market. You can also generate passive income with the Bitcoin farm which can also be found in the Hideout. You also have the ability of flipping items in the Flea Market, which is to buy items for a low price with the intention of selling them at a higher price. Be certain to flip items that are traded frequently, like weapon mods, and you may score a profit from players that don’t pay much attention to price differences.


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Tarkov player, these money-making methods should effectively make you rich without having to get adequate income from heart-racing raid missions.

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