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MonsterDFace Gives us a Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Fortnite Scene

MonsterDFace has astounded the Youtube and Twitch Fortnite communities with his quick hands and pro commentary, but behind-the-scenes, this creator’s hands are just as busy. With inside knowledge of the competitive scene, the mogul recently partnered his NA-based production company, Practice Server, as well as his world-renowned Fortnite scrimmage service, Open Scrims, with the EU-based tournament organizer, War Legend. Now serving as the CEO of both Practice and Scrims, one thing’s for certain: MonsterDFace has hands in all sorts of exciting projects.

Whether you know him from FNCS, his compelling content, or his work in putting it all together, this gaming icon’s just getting started. We had a chance to sit down with the legend about his start in esports, his recent partnership, and how he found his niche. We knew he was a quick builder in-game, but his recent work IRL has taken his skills to a whole ‘nother level.

MonsterDFace Gives us a Behind-The-Scenes Look at the Fortnite Scene 4

How’d you get into esports?

“The TL;DR I guess would be that I’ve been partnered on Twitch for about eight years now. So, long before Fortnite. Long before gaming was all mainstream and esports was mainstream. I’ve been very much a part of esports for a long-time, I just didn’t really realize it. As Fortnite came around, I was maturing more as a content creator and really starting to spread my opportunities all over the place. I’ve launched podcasts and I’ve gotten more into the Youtube and Twitch side of things. Casting sort of came naturally. Years of influencing and content and livestreaming translated well into just having confidence on the mic.

“I didn’t have any professional training when I jumped into esports, but Epic saw I guess a lot of raw talent in me and they gave me the opportunity to learn how to be a professional caster, cause I had known the game already and I was creating tutorial content. I was popping off on camera and I was willing to learn.”

Aside from a Youtube Channel and your position as a Fortnite Caster, where has your career taken you?

“I actually own a production business, so not only do we run one of the biggest agency operations in the NA market for Fortnite, we have a very successful production business that we built behind this. Also, I’m in charge of the number one Fortnite podcast in the world. We’re approaching 2 million downloads. I just spread my skill-set very wide over the world of esports, and even when it comes down to professional consultation, I can’t believe that I’ve gotten to where it’s just so much more than becoming a caster or making videos for Youtube. I do that stuff literally for fun now. “

Courtesy of The Fortnite Podcast

For readers who aren’t so familiar with the partnership, can you explain what it is and why it’s happening?

“The partnership is very important for our community because we’re filling a void. Here at the Practice Server and Open Scrims, we try to play forward-facing, [with] the best practice possible. It’s really what’s allowed us to get to the place where we are, as far as success and trust in the community [goes]… Providing the best tool possible, hands down, by far to any other competitor on the space. It just made sense for us to partner up with War Legend.”

What brought up the idea of the partnership?

“It was my idea. I knew that we were in a situation where… [Our practice was going] to degrade the quality service that we are providing to the scene because we didn’t have the preparation in place to actually deploy a program as good as War Legend. So for us, it just made more sense that instead of going against them, this is where we need to work together to take over space and make sure that we control as much of the market as we already had.”

What’s the one thing you’re most excited about?

“Oh, definitely the new tools. War Legend has been constantly pushing the boundaries when it comes down to what they’re able to achieve, and it’s fun being able to kind of suggest features and what not and then having them step up to the plate and tackle these problems that we’ve had.”

Courtesy of MonsterDFace

 What’s prepared you for this?

“I did a lot of homework on what a competitive collaboration needs to look like, the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ when it comes to competitive collaboration. I’ve mentioned before, War Legend is very much a competitor of ours in the space and they see us as so. They dominate and control the EU market, and we mirror that with the NA market when it comes to production and operations services.

So, for us, preparation just came in the form of doing our due diligence and being ready to take on: one, client and integration of a system and mass-roll it out; and two, making sure that we’re also stepping up our end and that we’re providing the best quality possible. That way we aren’t losing our strength or position in the NA market.”

What’s the one thing you’re wanting to see more of as a commentator?

“Building the backstory behind the players. It really just takes me back to when the World Cup was back on LAN events, and I know it isn’t possible at the moment, but it’s the content that came after the World Cup. The series that Epic launched, the stories of the battle bus, that kinda content is the type of stuff that we as a community can continue to achieve and push for, and I’d like to see more content being built around these awesome kids and influencers that are just popping off and really being standout individuals in the community. 

“I’m hoping for more content, more backstory, more of the players “

Do you see yourself continuing to be a caster for Fortnite? Are there any other events that have piqued your interest? 

“As far as games go, I love Fortnite a lot, and that’s why I’ve kinda chosen to be a face and voice of Fortnite. It’s very much a cautious decision I’ve made. When it comes to what I actually play, believe it or not, I play a lot of Pokemon Go in my free time. It’s a way to get out and still have something to kinda do. I’m all about open-world survival games and a lot of other titles. 

At the end of the day, my passion for gaming is kinda what allowed me to platform myself and become a successful influencer, but there’s something special about Fortnite in particular. The fact that my casting skill-set is, you know, pretty good. So I like to lean into that and it feels good to be good and do something I know I’m good at.”

MonsterDFace is one of the many faces of the Fortnite community, but his impact goes beyond what you see on-camera. His love for the game and its players have catapulted the title to new heights, ensuring that the competitive scene will remain lively as ever through 2021 and beyond. As North America and Europe come together, we can only say “thank you” for all the blood sweat and tears shed behind the scenes to make our favorite game that much more magic.

Our sincerest thanks to MonsterDFace for his time and work. For his Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Twitch, click here, here, here and here.

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