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Introducing “MOAB MANGO”, the Newest FaZe x G FUEL Flavor

After a nearly month-long wait, G FUEL finally announced the results of the $10,000 #FaZeGFUEL Tub Design Contest June 1 on Twitter. 

There were many intriguing designs and concepts submitted, but Steffanvx’s “MOAB MANGO,” inspired by FaZe’s recent signing of Nuke Squad, was crowned the grand prize winner. The flavor is expected to release by the end of the summer.

Courtesy of Steffanvx/G FUEL

The grand prize winner was awarded $10,000 along with a one-year supply of G FUEL tubs and FaZe Clan x G FUEL shakers.

G FUEL also revealed the contest’s ten runner-ups, who were each awarded $500, a one-year supply of G FUEL tubs, and FaZe Clan x G FUEL shakers. The results were as follows (full designs in the video):

11th place- Razorprofm x Devils Mango

10th place- Dazllbw x BubbleBerry

9th place- Schmidtzach_ x Orange Explosion

8th place- Karopajdak x Glazed And Unfazed

7th place- Hazedoes x No Campin’

6th place- Itspuolkka x Protect Your Melon

5th place- Frocreates x Jell

4th place- Soniiwavey_ Doki Doki Strawberry Mango 

3rd place- Park. Graphics x Tactical Totem

2nd place- Madebydeci x Cherry Dragonlychee 

MOAB MANGO marks the 9th custom FaZe inspired G FUEL flavor in its massive collection of succulent flavors, joining the deliciously energizing: FaZe X, FaZeberry, Sour Blue Chug Rug, Battle Juice, Tropical Rain, Ragin’ Gummy Fish, Sour FaZeberry, and Strawberry Shortcake—all of which can be purchased here

The storied relationship between the world’s most popular gaming organization and the official energy drink of esports dates back to 2012. The two powerhouses are practically synonymous with one another as one of the longest-running partnerships in esports. 

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