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Minnesota ROKKR Sweeps OpTic Chicago In Standy’s First CDL Game

The Minnesota ROKKR made a radical change in its roster by benching last year’s CDL finalist, MajorManiaK. Standy came out of nowhere to sub in for the CDL team. Some fans knew him from Challengers, but he played his first game in the big leagues today. 

ROKKR over OpTic Standy 1
Courtesy of the Minnesota ROKKR

With its new roster, the Minnesota ROKKR swept OpTic Chicago and secured its first win in stage two. The team was sitting in the last spot with back-to-back losses.


Minnesota had a massive start to the series. The team showed its dominance in Hardpoint even though OpTic has been the real deal in Hardpoint through this season. Standy stepped up for his team to secure the win for the ROKKR. Even though the team hasn’t been able to pull out a game one Hardpoint win in a long time, today Minnesota was just different. Standy and Accuracy found 23 kills each to lead their team to glory. Dashy had a poor performance with only seven kills. The Minnesota ROKKR won the first map 250-81 and started the series strong.

Search and Destroy

Unlike the first map, OpTic Chicago performed like a different team in SnD. The game was so close until the end and it wasn’t nearly as one-sided as the Hardpoint. However, Minnesota reached the six-round mark first to increase its series lead to 2-0. Standy was magnificent with 13 kills and 2,890 points. 

And well, this didn’t age well:


Once again, the strong starter was OpTic. After winning the first round, OpTic looked comfy, however, this game was not only based on individual and team performance but also mentally readiness. Minnesota looked a lot more focused as the team won the next three rounds. The Minnesota ROKKR won the Control map 3-1 with Standy’s contribution. To be honest, Attach was the real hero of this one, but Standy was always there to help his teammate. 

The Minnesota ROKKR looks scary with Standy. This guy literally came out of nowhere and carried his team in his first CDL game, and most importantly, against OpTic Chicago. OpTic has players like Scump and Formal, but it looks like it wasn’t a problem for the rookie. We all have to appreciate his determination and confidence.

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