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Clip of the Day: Milliam ‘Snaps’ on Thanos Fortnite Montage

The big Thanos snapped his fingers decades before rapper Lil Jon was a thing—snapping, crackling, and popping the multiverse ever since 1973. You can’t tell me homie wouldn’t have gone hard on Pokémon Snap.

Clip of the Day: Milliam ‘Snaps’ on Thanos Fortnite Montage 2

Mumble rap?? Naaaw, this is Snapple rap, bars juicier than apple snacks in a chapel full of grapple mats eatin’ some Five Guys and H1ghSky1 Smacks with an Apple Mac… no cap.  😭

Nonsensical, forced, and cringe snap chat aside, the montage mogul himself, Milliam was really in his bag with this infinitely amazing Thanos Fortnite montage. This masterpiece is yet another showcase of the Irish sensation’s marvelous editing chops. #EditingGameOnThanos

You’ve never seen the Thanos skin used quite like this—edited to perfection in the MCU of a different kind: the montage/Milliam cinematic universe. In typical Milliam fashion, this latest effort may very well be his best one yet, this time to the tune of Atwood & Biskwiq’s “High Strung.”

It’s inevitable that Milliam tops himself with each new montage. His creativity and unique combination of skill and imagination make up the insane gauntlet of tricks up his sleeve. This time around, Milliam’s flex was creating this Thanos montage in just one day… and the results speak for itself…

One might say that he ‘snapped.’

Fortnite’s season 7 may have introduced an alien invasion to the game, but it was Marvel that ushered in an invasion the likes of which never before seen when the humanoid alien came to the MCU to literally wipe out half of civilization. The Mad Titan officially became available in the item shop on June 26, after debuting three years ago shortly after the release of Avengers: Endgame

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