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Meet KingBlackToof, the Fall Guys Legend with Over 400 Wins: A Syft Exclusive Interview

I am not that good at Fall Guys. There, I admit it. Yes, I may be a gaming journalist who writes articles every week on the game, but after talking to streamer and YouTuber KingBlackToof, a Fall Guys master with over 400 wins on the game and over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, I have come to realize just how mediocre I am. But enough about me and my unexceptional skills; let’s talk about the man, the myth, the legend, KingBlackToof.

Meet KingBlackToof, the Fall Guys Legend with Over 400 Wins: A Syft Exclusive Interview 4

KingBlackToof (KBT) was born in the UK near London and got into video games at a young age. He went to school and received a Bachelor of Science in computer science, but he only started creating content eight years ago. “I used to make simple videos when I first started off that had no voice audio, I would just annotations under my clips to explain my strategies,” he says. Back then, he was making videos on the game Street Fighter, and the effort paid off; he soon became known as one of the best Gouken players.

“Throughout my career, I have been popular in three games, Street Fighter 4 where I became known as one of the best Gouken players, Gwent, and now Fall Guys,” KBT explains. He was actually so dedicated to the game Gwent that the developers actually flew him out to Poland for free to preview the newest game. Modest as he is, this was KingBlackToof’s first experience being treated like royalty in the gaming world.

Courtesy of CD Projekt

After his massive success in Street Fighter and Gwent, it seemed only natural that KBT would find his footing in Fall Guys. He explains, “I was pretty good at the game from the start, I was able to play the beta version of the game for five hours and got around three wins during that time.” From there, the rest was history.

Though the game generally takes a lot of patience, KingBlackToof can win a game of Slime Climb like it’s nothing. What’s more, KBT actually encourages going for the flashy stuff, even if it means losing. When asked for his biggest tip on how to up your game and get more wins, his response was to understand why you fail. “There is always a reason why you fall; when you understand why you fall down, you can make changes in order to not make that mistake again.”

In terms of his favorite and least favorite maps on the game, KBT has some opinions. “My favorite maps are Slime Climb and Hex-A-Gone because they actually take some skill, my least favorite maps are Hoarders and Jinxed as they have more randomness to it.” He also is worried that the game may be going in a direction that takes away from the players. “It feels like the game is trying to more cater to a family audience; I really do not think they will add another map like Slime Climb as it is too hard for players.” He understands that at the game’s core, it is built with children as the primary demographic, but hopes that developers realize there are competitive players who continuously want a challenge, one that right now, only Slime Climb gives.

Fall Guys
Courtesy of Mediatonic

So, what is next for KingBlackToof? As of right now he is just a little bit over 30,000 subscribers on his channel. “I try not to look at (the number of) subscribers I do not focus on it, my goal is to get to 100,000 subscribers and see where to go from there.” In terms of the future of his content, he plans on sticking with Fall Guys and hopes that the game gets some strength back in the new season. But as a whole, he goes where the views are. If his fans want to see him continue playing Fall Guys, that is what he is going to do. He is a man of the people.

His advice for smaller channels, especially those just starting out, is to simply “make quality content that you are proud of. Although you might not get many views at the start, if you keep going and keep putting out content, eventually there will be a spike.” He also emphasized that to make a name for yourself, you need to be the channel that is making content for a game as soon as it comes out. Considering his past in Street Fighter and Gwent, it seems he’s made the most of this advice.

In terms of the future of Fall Guys, KBT has some mechanics he hopes to see be put in the game. “I think it would be really cool to have some levels where you can’t jump or some levels where you can’t grab.” He thinks that this would take out some of the repetitiveness in the game, at least until new levels are created. In terms of season two of Fall Guys, he is looking forward it its release, but really hopes that there is more to the update that they haven’t shown.

So, there you have it, now you know everything about this Fall Guys legend with over 400 wins. Well, maybe not everything, but you know one thing for certain: just like a Fall Guy racing on Fall Mountain, KBT is going up and up. Be sure to subscribe to his channel so we can finally get him those 100,000 subscribers he so deserves.

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