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Meet Bumby and Brady, 16-year-old Social Media Moguls

Like most teenagers, 16-year-olds Davis “Bumby” and Brady Leventhal love spending time on social media. But they aren’t on Instagram and TikTok posting selfies and short videos; instead, these high school students manage social media accounts for tier 1 organizations, online influencers, and a plethora of celebrities within the esports and gaming community.

Social Media
Meet Bumby and Brady, 16-year-old Social Media Moguls 4

In a Syft exclusive interview with the Los Angeles native, Bumby says, “I started in the esports community about three years ago as a player. I competed in a number of tournaments, and after a while, I became interested in management. When I was young in high school, I began doing social media management for the college basketball community. It wasn’t that popular back then; however, I learned a lot of new stuff about platforms and people.”

At the same time, in a different place, Brady was also making it big on his own basketball page. From 7th grade onwards, he and his friends managed the page to massive success, but Brady’s career soon took a turn; once Fortnite came out, he branched into esports. This pivot to esports may well have been the most significant breakthrough in his career, ultimately landing him a spot in Luminosity Gaming, one of today’s major esports organizations. Soon, he met Bumby, and the two bonded over their similar come-ups.

At just 16 years old, you can find these two teens working tirelessly to manage top esports teams such as Team Parallel and Luminosity Gaming. When asked how he feels about working for an esports organization at such a young age, Brady tells us, “It really amazes me and I am so grateful for it. I would’ve never thought I would be where I am now if I was thinking over a year and a half ago when I started.” 

Luminosity Gaming
Source: Luminosity Gaming on Instagram (@lgloyal)

We were all intrigued about how exactly Bumby and Brady manage their own time while working with massive influencers, tier 1 organizations, and an ever-mounting school courseload. Brady informs us, “I balance my time by having a routine, if I didn’t have a routine I would be all over the place! Every day I get home from school, I get right to managing. Some of my clients are based in EU, so they could be 5, 6, and even 7 hours ahead of me. I get home from school, make sure I finish my social media work, and then I start my school work.”

As far as their success is concerned, we are confident that these two social media moguls have a bright future ahead of them and will pursue whatever they manifest. “My dream job would be to become a social media manager for an NBA team. Growing up playing basketball in Los Angeles, the dream would be to work for the Lakers,” Bumby tells us. He also happens to draw inspiration from FaZe Banks, one of the owners of the prominent kings of gaming influence, FaZe Clan. “I would say FaZe Banks would be someone who inspires me the most in the community,” he says. “He’s one of the hardest workers in the community. One day I hope to achieve as many things as he did.”

FaZe Banks
Source: FaZe Banks on Instagram (@banks)

With a combined network of over 20M+, these two teens still hustle every day to catch big fish and top creators. It seems as though their thirst for success is never-ending; it will be fascinating to see where they end up a few years down the road. 

Finally, Brady tells us a few ways in which others his age can grow as well as his primary determining factor for success. “A piece of advice I would give to a teenager would be to definitely be patient and open-minded. I’ve gotten to where I am by working in this community for over a year and a half, started off with clients with less than 5,000 followers combined on every platform, to now working with Benjyfishy, Chap, NRG Unknown, LG, Wolfiez, and tons more. I’ve had moments when people dropped me, I had no clients, all my numbers were down, and to get through it, you just have to be open-minded. Be open-minded to learning new things, learning more, and while doing that, just be patient. It’s very time consuming and definitely stressful at times.”

“If you take that advice and put the work in, you’ll go somewhere.”

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