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Marved, Babybay Secure FaZe Clan A Comfortable Win Over Team Envy

Day 4 of VCT 2021 Regional Masters North America started with Team Envy going against FaZe Clan. FaZe’s super aggressive play style proved great on Icebox. Envy’s slow, information-gathering play style got countered by FaZe’s direct approach. FaZe Clan secured the win against Envy in comfortable 2-0 fashion.

FaZe over Envy 1
Courtesy of VCT NA


Envy banned Ascent despite its terrible Icebox history, which showed on the map as it started on defense. Babybay did his thing as FaZe’s aggressive playstyle, constant rotations and fakes forced Envy to play on the back foot, proving once again that Icebox is an attacker map. 

FaZe had one strategy: GO. They ran A-site every time, not trying to control the rest of the map, handily dominating Envy with great utility baits and great map movements. Marved’s Sage kept Babybay’s momentum going with two revives. Round 11 was the only one where Envy did well, but FaZe Rawkus’ post-plant backstab from mid to A-site denied Envy the win. The first half ended with a smashing 9-3 in FaZe’s favor.

FaZe continued its dominance with Marved’s Sage double heads-hotting Envy’s players in the first round. After an 11-3 score, Envy’s full-buy against FaZe’s half-buy secured it a much-needed win. Envy’s prowess was visible in between with their beautifully executed fakes forcing FaZe to rotate to B in the 16th and 17th rounds. kaboose’s Raze caught up with Babybay’s frags, but not enough to secure Envy a win on the icy map. FaZe Clan closed Icebox with a 13-6 win.


While Envy is possibly the best team in NA on Bind, FaZe trounced the team 14-3 starting on defense. FaZe was the aggressor, even on defense, with Corey taking quick kills and almost crushing Envy’s economy. Envy picked up the pace in round three with quick kills on B-site, but Babybay styled on Envy in the sixth round, stealing the win. Sprinkling salt on Envy’s wounds, Marved secured an Ace, and later, Babybay’s picks demolished Envy’s economy. The duo secured FaZe a 7-5 first-half lead.

The second half started with FaZe continuing its dominance off the backs of Marved and Corey. kaboose’s whiff in the 14th round pretty solidified Envy’s loss. crashies saved face for Envy with a breathtaking 19th-round clutch, but kaboose whiffed again on his backstab play in the following round, allowing FaZe to extend its lead. FaZe finally won the map by a 13-8 score.

Team Envy will be headed to a lower bracket run facing Luminosity Gaming for another shot at the VCT NA Masters. Meanwhile, FaZe Clan will be heading to the upper bracket finals facing the winner of Sentinels vs. 100 Thieves.

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