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Mark Your Calendars: Nintendo is Launching a Theme Park

Forget Disney World, a gamer’s paradise is coming spring 2021 that will give longtime fans a full Nintendo experience. Nintendo itself has announced that the Super Nintendo World theme park will open in Universal Studios Japan. The park was supposed to open earlier but along with the Olympics was pushed pack due to the pandemic.

Along with this, Nintendo will also be opening up a Nintendo café and store. Here is a view of the outside.

Courtesy of Universal Studios

Here is the view of the inside.

Super Nintendo World1
Courtesy of Universal

There will also be some themed food items such as these Mario and Luigi themed pancake sandwiches.

Super Nintendo World2
Courtesy of Universal
Super Nintendo World3
Courtesy of Universal

This is only the beginning of what you can expect. There are tons more food and drink items and a gift shop with a ton of branded items to buy. There will also be a coin-collecting minigame throughout the park that visitors can connect to via their wristband and phone.

Super Nintendo World4
Courtesy of Universal

This is the first Nintendo park to open but there apparently are plans to open up more across the world and in the United States. Pretty soon, there might even be a park near you.

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