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Mario Items Are Coming To Animal Crossing March 1, Includes Working Warp Pipe

We already knew that Mario-themed items were coming to Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year, as part of his big anniversary bash. But on today’s Nintendo Direct, we got our first good look at these items.

And friends, it’s beyond anything we could’ve hoped for, because it includes a working warp pipe, which will zip you across your island.

Animal Crossing
Image courtesy of Nintendo

Sadly – yet understandably – each island will be limited to two warp pipes.

Items will also include full costumes for Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Wario. They’ll be sold as separate hat, shoes, dress, etc, so you can also mix and match to your delight.

With a little sleuthing from the trailer, here’s the furniture items we can expect:

1-Up Mushroom
Fire Flower
Floating Block
Goal Pole
Large Mushroom Platform
Small Mushroom Platform
Super Mushroom
Super Star
Thwomp (!!!!)
? Block

Additionally, there will be a Mushroom Mural wallpaper, Block flooring, Lakitu’s cloud rug, and Yoshi’s egg rug.

Courtesy of a free update, all of these beautiful, beautiful items will be available in New Horizons on March 1, via the Nook Shop.

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