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Make Way for the Playable NFT!

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have become all the rage in recent months, impacting most industries and especially the video game industry. NFTs can range from photos, videos, paintings, audio, and now, an actual playable character. Mythical Games is introducing a playable NFT for Blankos Block Party, a free-to-play open-world sandbox title.

Courtesy of Step 3

The NFT Blanko – dubbed “Blankenstein” – will be dropping via Twitch during Mythical Games’ E3 Keynote on June 14. The Twitch Drop will be active for 20 minutes and viewers are required to watch E3 on Twitch to get Blankenstein. Players can also tune in on June 18 to join streamers such as Karlnetwork, Captain Sparklez and KaraCorvus for an opportunity to obtain the NFT Twitch Drop. 

What makes Mythical Games’ NFT different is that it has blockchain technology backing, meaning players will own Blankenstein and other playable NFTs. Plus, when players want to, they can sell the NFT for actual cash, something that is encouraged in Blankos Block Party. 

According to Mythical, collectors “truly own their items” and can “take an active role in increasing the rarity” of their collectibles by customizing and upgrading them. Players can also compete in special events, among other options, to give them maximum freedom to profit from their gameplay. 

While NFTs have risen in popularity, with many companies getting in on the action, NFTs have also been the subject of major controversy due to their impact on the environment. Blankos does not use mining or require players to transact with cryptocurrency. Because Blankos is built on a private blockchain, it is more environmentally friendly and sustainable than most models currently available. In all, Mythical hopes to open doors to a new kind of global game economy where creators are the owners and gamers are asset holders. 

Blankos Block Party is currently in Open Beta on PC, and the Mythical Marketplace – where players can buy/sell Blankos for actual money – is in Alpha and will be rolling out this summer. 

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