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MAD Lions Defeats Rogue, Earns Ticket to Semifinals

The LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs provided another action-packed series for our weekend. MAD Lions, which was seen as the underdog of the series, crushed Rogue and progressed into the semifinals.

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Courtesy of the LEC

Game 1

Rogue exhibited that it came to this series with special preparation by picking Cho’Gath as the support. Unlike Saturday’s series, the game started slowly as junglers rotated in the jungle as usual and laners tried to dominate their lanes. The first blood came out from the bot lane in a 2v2 scenario where Trymbi secured the kill with his Cho’Gath. Controlling the game’s state of affairs, Rogue was the dominant side by far. In addition, Carzzy and MAD Lions performing insufficiently in team fights led Rogue to win the first game.

Game 2

MAD Lions, after witnessing that playing slowly served Rogue better than them, brought its aggressive side into the second game. The total number of team fights that occurred in the first game was achieved in the 10 minutes of the second game. That plan worked for MAD as its Jinx became fed and won the game for them to tie the series at 1-1.

Game 3

Most of the action happened around the bot lane in the first two games, and that plan continued exactly the same for both teams. However, MAD Lions didn’t allow Rogue to scale enough to get to the late game, managing to catch its opponents several times in mid game, opening up focus on the objectives. When Rogue decided to force team fights, it was too late as MAD Lions went up 2-1.

Game 4

This was the ride or die game for Rogue, and it chose incorrectly. With all due respect, it had enough leads to tie the series after Hans Sama collected three kills on the top lane. Everything was going in favor of Rogue; the team was taking the Dragons, objectives and jungle camps, but MAD Lions never panicked. When the time came, Armut popped off along with Humanoid and led their team in the way of a comeback.

As I mentioned earlier in my LEC Playoffs article, MAD Lions used its strength and took over Rogue to advance through the semifinals where it will face G2 Esports. That being said, Rogue will face the winner of the Fnatic-Schalke 04 series.

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