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MAD Lions Crushes G2 Esports in the Last Week of the Regular Season

Everything is going as expected in the LEC 2021 spring season super week, G2 Esports fell to the MAD Lions 37 minutes, as MAD obtained its 10th win in the league.

MAD over G2 LEC super week 1
Courtesy of LEC

In virtue of securing playoffs, G2 Esports decided to flex on the pick screen a little by choosing Veigar support and Rek’Sai jungle alongside Sion, Syndra and Kai’Sa. The MAD Lions, on the other hand, entered the server in full try-hard mode as they preferred Gragas, Lillia, Lucian, Xayah and Rakan.

The MAD Lions grabbed the lead from the beginning in the match with Elyoya outperforming Jankos in the jungle. In addition to the young jungler’s advantage, first blood was secured by Kaiser, punishing Mikyx’s mistake in a 2v2 situation.

The team that was sitting in the driver’s seat the whole game was MAD Lions. Slaying all dragons and doing whatever they wanted, MAD players were controlling the game until G2’s clever baron call. In the 29th minute, G2 found an opportunity and headed to Baron Nashor instantly. Despite giving up two kills, it got the buff and delayed the end.

However, Caps decided to join Wunder in the train of inting and was caught two times consecutively in the mid lane. The MAD Lions benefited from his mistakes, got Baron Nashor alongside the Elder Dragon buff and finished the game in the 36th minute.

The super week is the last week of LEC 2021 Spring, and it will be over on March 14. So, all teams have only one game left in the league. For now, only G2 Esports, Rogue and the MAD Lions have managed to get playoff tickets.

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