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MAD Lions Beat Fnatic for the 2nd Time in LEC 2021 Spring Season

Two teams with six wins faced each other once more within LEC 2021 Spring Split Week 5’s second day. MAD Lions took over Fnatic thanks to superb performance from its top laner, Armut, and moved up into third place in the league.

MAD Lions over Fnatic 1
Photo courtesy of LEC

Everyone expected a complete bloodbath from the matchup, but MAD Lions chose to be better late than sorry by picking Gnar, Udyr, Viktor, Senna and Tahm Kench. Fnatic, on the other hand, kept the power of starting a fight quickly and diving into the enemy’s line instantly in its hands as players picked Sett, Lillia, Syndra, Samira and Alistar.

Similar to nearly all LEC games, the first blood of the game has been spilled in the seventh minute in the bot lane. Selfmade visited the bot lane for a gank, but didn’t expect a counter-gank from Elyoya. Even though Fnatic lost the first blood, Upset managed to get the revenge by taking two kills.

The game was an absolute fiesta between the 10th and 16th minutes. Multiple fights have occurred in different lanes. Armut solo killed Bwipo in the top lane while Fnatic grabbed the Humanoid score in the mid lane. After all this chaos, Fnatic had only a 400-gold advantage in the 16th minute.

The first major team fight arose for the Dragon. After slaying the Mountain Dragon, MAD Lions started to fight, and despite giving two kills, the team got an Ace and expanded its lead to 2K gold.

Most of LEC’s teams prefer to fight around objectives, and this strategy remained the same for MAD Lions and Fnatic. In the 26th minute, another team fight popped off in the bot river. The MAD side was dominating the fight in the beginning, but Upset performed a tremendous individual play and took three kills by himself. However, Armut had a word to say. In the continuation of the fight, Armut stepped up, managed to catch Upset and Bwipo in a 1v3 situation, and gifted the Nashor buff to his team.

MAD Lions had a huge lead with the Nashor buff. The Lions headed to the bot lane and picked a fight one more time. Securing the team fight for his team, Armut put an end to the game by acting another big Gnar play. After winning the fight, MAD Lions destroyed Fnatic’s nexus for the second time in the LEC 2021 Spring season.

MAD Lions is on a three-game win streak, and it sits in third place in the league thanks to the win against Fnatic.

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