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MAD Lions Advances to LEC Spring Finals, Surpasses G2 Esports

This was a surprising result to most people, but not me. MAD Lions destroyed G2 Esports with the dominant performance in the semifinal of the LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs and advanced to the grand final.

Courtesy of LEC

Game 1

G2 stepped in the rift with an unexpected draft as Rekkles was on Karma. G2’s only real damage dealer was Caps with Tristana in the mid lane, but its plan worked, punishing MAD’s position mistakes; however, things turned around as the game went forward. G2 stayed out of damage, but Caps started to be caught due to the pressure he was carrying. In the 42nd minute, MAD Lions finally closed out the series after taking three Nashor buffs and getting the advantage in the series with a 1-0.

Game 2

Waiting for a different outcome after doing the same thing is insanity, and that was what G2 Esports did in the second game. They put Rekkles on Karma and gave Caps the role of being the only carry of the team. Kaiser’s roam alongside Elyoya’s furious Udyr made the game easy for MAD Lions. Although the MAD side made some mistakes, G2 didn’t have the tools in its hands to punish MAD. In the 30th minute, MAD Lions took down the Nexus and expanded its lead to 2-0.

Game 3

G2 Esports finally decided to make the wisest thing by giving an ADC to Rekkles, and everything in the team just clicked after that. They realized who they were, became more aggressive in the bottom lane and Rekkles got the upper hand easily. This was the G2 that we used to see in the regular season, and winning the match with this kind of form was easy. 2-1.

Game 4

Even Rekkles returning to his roots wasn’t enough for G2 against MAD Lions since it was well-prepared for its opponent. After the change that G2 has made in its pick screen, everyone thought this could be a reverse sweep for the regular-season leader, but every member of MAD Lions was too heavy for G2’s players. They outmatched their rivals, obtained the early lead and performed superbly in team fights.

This isn’t the end of the road for G2 Esports as the LEC 2021 Spring Playoffs has a lower bracket. Next week, it will face the winner of the series between Schalke 04 and Rogue, which will be played Sunday.

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