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Lwx Leads LPL MVP Leaderboard With 7 Awards

FunPlus Phoenix has had great success in the past years excluding 2020. Doinb’s map rotation game plan got the team a world championship, and during all this time, Lwx was considered as the “weakest link” in the roster. Fans criticized his decisions and most importantly, positioning, during team fights, but this year, Lwx reformed into a real beast. He has won seven MVP’s since the start of this season.

Lwx LPL 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Lwx joined the forces of FPX in 2018. He and his support Crisp were acquired by FPX during that time, and the bot duo wasn’t really the best in the league. In 2019, Doinb and Tian joined FPX, and the team’s performance changed from a low-tier team to a champion. Lwx had some brutal criticism from fans at that time, but nevertheless, he was a big part of the world championship roster.

2021 has started pretty well for the Chinese marksman; he secured seven MVP awards in five weeks. EDG’s Viper is right behind him with six MVP’s. FunPlus Phoenix won six games out of seven this year with the help of Korean beast Nuguri. 

Lwx played seven different champions, and his most-played champion is Kai’Sa. His best performance this year was clearly against LNG in which he played Samira. He maintained a KDA of 17 and helped his team get the win. We also must not forget his Kai’Sa performance against eStar. We will see if he can keep up the good form and become the MVP of the split.

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