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Luminosity upsets Immortals in NA Masters quarterfinals

Coming into this matchup, Luminosity Gaming had lost both times it played Immortals. In previous competitions, Immortals beat LG 13-7 and 13-3 and was 5-0 overall against LG. As such, LG had a little bit more motivation to come out strong against Immortals and did not disappoint.

LG over Immortals NA Masters 1
Courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

Starting things off on Split, chosen by LG, Immortals set the tone almost instantly. At one point, Immortals held a 7-2 advantage as LG just looked all out of sorts on its home map. The combination of Noah “jcStani” Smith and Rhett “Kehmicals” Lynch could not be stopped, often wreaking havoc and blowing up whatever tactics LG tried to use.

LG turned it around though, eventually tying the game at 11 rounds apiece. However, Immortals closed it out as Andrew “ShoT-UP” Orlowsky got into a groove, effectively ending any comeback LG tried to make. With the 13-11 win, Immortals took game one of the series.

Game 2

In game two, LG and Immortals found themselves on Haven, which was a surprising pick by Immortals. Down 0-1, though, LG did not seem to mind as it was able to get a 10-6 advantage over Immortals. This was thanks in part to LG’s improved play as well as Immortal’s somewhat reckless spending, leading them to have more pistol rounds than expected. 

Though jcStani continued to play well, LG had its own ace up the sleeve. Up until that point, Brenden “stellar” McGrath played relatively well. With LG leading 12-9, stellar took it upon himself to carry LG to game three with an ace against Immortals in round 22 to win it 13-9. 

Game 3

With LG and Immortals tied at one, both sides came out firing, exchanging win after win. It was clear in the early going that LG was trying to damage Immortals’ economy. As such, Immortals had more pistol rounds than LG, which helped LG build a 10-6 lead, much like the previous game. 

As the game progressed, LG’s confidence was building and Immortals’ was waning, and it became clear that LG could potentially beat Immortals. As LG continued to play well led by stellar, who at one point was 23-9, the team bought out at 11-7, hoping to seal the next two rounds. 

However, Immortals had other plans as they took two of the next three to make it 12-9 in favor of LG. Because LG’s gamble failed, it was essentially out of money and gave a round to Immortals, making it 12-10. But on the back of stellar’s stellar play (no pun intended), LG was able to close out Immortals 13-10 and win the series 2-1. 

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