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Luigi Finds a New Home After Nintendo Acquires Next Level Games

Say hi to your new landlords, Luigi and company: the mansion is coming under new management. Nintendo released a statement on Tuesday announcing they’ve acquired Next Level Games (NLG), maker of Luigi’s Mansion 3. NLG, a Vancouver-based developer founded in 2002, has been publishing blockbuster games dating back to the early days of Gamecube with 2005’s Super Mario Strikers. Ah… Gamecube. *Quick moment of silence for Gamecube*

Courtesy of Next Level Games

While the terms and conditions have yet to be revealed, it seems both parties felt the timing couldn’t have been better. According to Nintendo’s statement, “a number of owner-directors [of Next Level] recently determined that the time is right for them to sell their shares.” After determining they were ready to begin looking for suitors, it’s no surprise Nintendo leapt at the opportunity. 

With the deal expected to finalize on March 21, 2021, Nintendo anticipates the acquisition will offer closer communication amongst staff and development teams as well as improve game development speed and quality moving forward. 

NLG has experienced a fair share of success since being founded in 2002. The smash-hit Luigi’s Mansion 3 was certainly a shiny piece of the puzzle when Nintendo inquired about purchasing NLG. The 2019 Halloween release was a global success after selling 7.83 million copies worldwide as of November 2020. It became clear that Mario wasn’t the only brother capable of cleaning house as the action-adventure chartbuster would go on to win awards at The Game Awards, DICE Awards and BAFTA’s Games Awards. 

With Luigi’s future firmly in the hands of Nintendo, one wonders what the future holds for a potential Luigi’s Mansion 4. But we’ll wait for the moving trucks to leave before we get ahead of ourselves. 

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