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Lucasfilm Games Announced as Home for Future Star Wars Games

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm for $4 billion back in 2012, it officially ended LucasArts. This move took Star Wars games out of internal development and into the hands of Electronic Arts in a multi-year licensing agreement. LucasArts released an impressive number of games from 1984 to 2013 that were mostly titles pertaining to the Star Wars and Indiana Jones film franchises.

Lucasfilm Games 1
Courtesy of Lucasfilm Games

Some notable games from this period in time spanning nearly three decades include Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and the Lego Star Wars/Indiana Jones series.

Once LucasArts was shut down, it cancelled a handful of Star Wars games that were never touched upon ever again. Under management of Electronic Arts, Star Wars Battlefront was rebooted for next-gen consoles and created controversy over required in-game purchases to play as fan favorite characters such as Darth Maul. Although EA took a hit from the Battlefront backlash, they were able to put out successful titles such as Star Wars: Squadrons and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

EA Starwars
Courtesy of Electronic Arts 

Since Fallen Order was a critical and financial success, a sequel to the game is currently being developed and will be released in 2022. However, management over development might have made a newly drastic shift. Disney recently announced the revival of the LucasArts division which will henceforth be known as Lucasfilm Games, which will serve as the official brand for any game titles based on Lucasfilm properties. Technically it is a resurrection of Lucasfilm Games since that was the name of the division before being rebranded as LucasArts in 1990.

Disney made the announcement by providing a riveting sizzle reel containing the best moments from recent Star Wars games along with the official logo for Lucasfilm Games. The reel spanning just under two minutes was posted on the official Star Wars YouTube channel. Lucasfilm Games also launched social media channels on Facebook and Twitter once the announcement started making waves around the internet.

This substantial rebranding doesn’t explicitly indicate that Electronic Arts will be handing the keys over to another developer. More Star Wars titles are likely to come out with EA as a third-party developer but they won’t be the only development company employed by Lucasfilm Games. Outside of releasing Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, Lucasfilm Games will be working with MachineGames to develop an Indiana Jones game to be published by Bethesda. With Lucasfilm Games as the “official identity for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm,” we can expect more variety in creative direction from multiple developers whose games will fall under the same banner. This could be a chance for the canceled Star Wars games from before the Disney acquisition to finally see the light of day. But nobody knows for sure. Lucasfilm Games will be having plenty of announcements this year and fans will have their fingers crossed that they will be about Star Wars: Attack Squadrons or Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 3.

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