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LPL’s LGD Gaming Signs Shad0w for Upcoming Split

MAD Lions’ staff shows its scouting capabilities every year with new players. Shad0w was one of those scouted players whose name is known in the community. After parting ways with MAD Lions, it was rumored that he was going to play in LPL, but instead he decided to take a break and didn’t play for any team last split. Recently, LPL’s LGD Gaming announced the signing of Shad0w for the upcoming split. 

Courtesy of Riot Games

MAD Lions participated in last year’s Worlds tournament and was seen as one of the strongest teams in play-ins; however, TCL’s SuperMassive showed a magnificent performance against MAD and eliminated the EU representatives. After a disappointing performance, MAD decided to part ways with Orome and Shad0w. Orome found a team right after his departure, but Shad0w took a long break instead. Prior to the 2021 season, rumours were swirling around about LPL’s quality and Shad0w’s potential, but it was never official. 

LGD Gaming signed its ex-player Xiye and kept Kramer on the roster. After RNG’s MSI victory, the LPL will have an extra spot for the upcoming Worlds tournament, so LGD may have a shot representing its region after a disappointing showing last year.

Shad0w is half Chinese and half Italian, so he won’t have any problems with culture or the environment, but he has been criticized before because of his narrow champion pool and questionable plays. We have no idea about his current performance but considering LGD scouted and signed him, he is probably in his best shape right now.

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