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LPL Takeaways: Surprising Results In The First Two Weeks

LPL was the first to start among the major League of Legends leagues. The league came highly awaited among others considering its success for the last couple of years. After the first two weeks, the league’s power ranking has started to be determined slowly. Team WE closed out the second week with a record of 3-0, remaining undefeated. On the other hand, LPL’s new member TT Gaming, couldn’t get its first win in the franchise’s history.

LPL Takeaways 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Team WE started the season with three mid-lane players, expanding the rotation on the specific lane. However, Teacherma and Yimeng couldn’t find a chance to prove what they are capable of. Shanks has been a big part of the roster and stood out with his great performance. Team WE beat Rogue Warriors in the first week, following wins against Victory Five and Invictus Gaming.

Top Esports has been the biggest upset in the first two weeks. Top could only grab one victory while losing two. The only thing different from last year’s championship roster is support player Zhuo. You can read more about Top Esports’ 2021 season here.


LPL Standings
Photo courtesy of Gamepedia

Invictus Gaming is continuing its decreasing performance. Just like Top Esports, IG only won one game and lost two others. It looks like IG won’t be able to match its World Championship performance in the near future considering mistakes in the later phases of the game.

On the other hand, LNG Esports surprised most of the fans in the first two weeks. With the arrival of Tarzan, LNG’s performance was expected to be better but not quite this good. Apart from Tarzan, the other pieces of the roster are also pretty reliable and talented. We may see big achievements from LNG Esports this year.

To sum up, the first two weeks of LPL have been incredibly fun and competitive. We hope to see better performances from the bottom-tier teams, which will raise the competitiveness even higher.

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