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LPL Spring Split Will Continue On February 22

LPL’s 2021 season started with Team WE and EDG’s dominant performances. RNG joined these two and fought for the first spot, but in the end, EDward Gaming remained as the only undefeated team in the first half. According to Riot Games, LPL’s second half will start on Feb. 22, and we will be able to watch this competition live from that date. 

LPL 2nd Half 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

This year LPL has surprised everyone, especially because of Top Esports and Suning’s poor performances. These two teams showed incredible performances last year. Top Esports reached the Worlds Semifinals and Suning made it to the Finals. This year, both teams underperformed in comparison to last year. Top Esports finished the half in 11th place and Suning is sitting at the 12th-place spot.

EDward Gaming is still unbeaten with a record of 7-0 as Viper’s arrival made a huge increase in the team’s performance. FunPlus Phoenix is following EDG with only one loss; Nuguri and his friends are showing some solid performances. 

Rogue Warriors are the last in the standings with only one win. The team acquired Taiwanese duo Ziv and Betty before the season, but so far, it looks like this move hasn’t paid off. Rogue Warriors’ roster looks pretty good on paper but things are different on the Rift.

Lastly, with Xiaohu switching his role to top lane, Royal Never Give Up is a serious candidate for the title. Cryin’s mechanical plays and Ming’s game knowledge makes the team even more frightening. 

LPL action will continue on Feb. 22. Until then, we need to wait and check other leagues such as LCS and LEC.

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