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LPL Power Rankings After Week 6

LPL, as a region, is currently the strongest alongside LCK and LEC. With their unique fight-based game style, LPL teams look strong before this year’s biggest tournament, Worlds 2021. The first six weeks of the Summer Split have been played, and EDG is the leader of the standings over FPX and LNG’s close chase for second; however, this year’s MSI winner RNG is coming slowly but surely with its four-win streak.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Top Seeds

The competition between the top-seeded teams is on another level. EDward Gaming is the current leader with ten wins and two losses but this may change as we get closer to the final weeks of the regular season. FunPlus Phoenix is on a three-series winning streak and is the closest competitor to EDG in terms of regular-season standings. On top of that, LNG Esports has the same wins and losses as FPX but according to LPL’s ruleset, FPX has won more games rather than series. FPX is sitting at 18 game wins and nine losses however LNG Esports has 18 game wins and 11 losses.

Playoff Race

Ten teams will make it to the playoffs this split and there is a huge race going on in the lower seeds of action. The previous winner, Royal Never Give Up, had ups and downs after winning MSI, which is probably the result of players getting burned out playing too much League of Legends, but this case seems to change as the team is on a four-game winning streak. What is even better in RNG’s winning streak is that the team beat the top team, EDward Gaming, 2-0 without dropping a game.

Courtesy of GamePedia

As of now, Royal Never Give Up is not in the first 10 but will make it there in the upcoming weeks. Right now, EDG, FPX, LNG, Rare Atom, JDG, Team WE, Top Esports, Suning Bilibili Gaming and OMG are in the playoff bracket, but on top of RNG, IG may also make a late run to make it into the playoffs. Team WE also has a big chance to remain in the first 10 as the team is also on a three-game winning streak. The ninth- and tenth-place teams, OMG and Bilibili Gaming, may remain in the race for the upcoming weeks due to their experience levels.

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