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Here are all Lower Division Teams for the Dota Pro Circuit 2021

The Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) 2021 will kick off its Lower Division matches, which will be held alongside the Upper Division matches. The Lower Division matches present a chance for a few notable teams like CDEC, B8, RNG, HellRaisers and Gambit to compete for a spot at the second Major to be held in June 2021. All teams in the Lower Division will be competing for the Season 2 of the DPC 2021. As of now, there are no detailed announcements for the DPC Season 2.

Image courtesy of Perfect World

The top two teams of the Lower Division will qualify for the Upper Division of the DPC Season 2, while the next six teams will remain in the Lower Division for the DPC Season 2. The last two placing teams will be eliminated from the DPC.

As a general rule, four of the Lower Division teams qualified through closed qualifiers, while the remaining teams qualified through various open qualifiers. A few erstwhile teams have been renamed, acquired by new orgs, or straight up replaced due to disqualifications. Most notably, in CIS, signed former Team Generation roster under the VP.Prodigy flag. Assault was disqualified due to account sharing and was replaced by Army Geniuses in SEA.

In NA, team It’s Okay was disqualified for competing in multiple regions through alternate accounts; they were replaced by Felt. Team bros was renamed to TOOBASED, and Freedom was renamed to Jiang Hu. In South America, Mad Kings signed blood for blood after their Lower Division qualification.

We have compiled a handy region-wise list of all teams that have qualified for the Lower Division mentioning their qualifying criteria.


HippomaniacsDecider Tournament
Hellbear SmashersDecider Tournament
Spider PigzsDecider Tournament
BrameDecider Tournament
CreepwaveOpen Qualifier #1
burjuiOpen Qualifier #1
No Bounty HunterOpen Qualifier #2
Meta4ProOpen Qualifier #2


Phoenix GamingClosed Qualifier
Royal Never Give UpClosed Qualifier
Dalanjing GamingClosed Qualifier
Sparking Arrow GamingClosed Qualifier
CDEC GamingOpen Qualifier #1
DragonOpen Qualifier #1
DynastyOpen Qualifier #2
Xtreme GamingOpen Qualifier #2

Southeast Asia

Galaxy RacerClosed Qualifier Stage 2
Omea EsportsClosed Qualifier Stage 2
HOYOClosed Qualifier Stage 2
Army GeniusesClosed Qualifier Stage 2
Cignal UltraClosed Qualifier Stage 2
Yangon GalacticosClosed Qualifier Stage 2
LilgunClosed Qualifier Stage 2
ZeroTwoClosed Qualifier Stage 2


B8Decider Tournament
Winstrike TeamDecider Tournament
HellRaisersDecider Tournament
Gambit EsportsDecider Tournament
PuckChampOpen Qualifier #1
Imperial Pro GamingOpen Qualifier #1
VP.ProdigyOpen Qualifier #2
XactJlepblOpen Qualifier #2

North America

Team DogChampClosed Qualifier
Felt (It’s Okay replacement)Open Qualifier #4
Electronic BoysClosed Qualifier
Byzantine RaidersClosed Qualifier
Arkosh GamingOpen Qualifier #3
simply TOOBASEDOpen Qualifier #3
Jiang HuOpen Qualifier #4
The CutOpen Qualifier #4

South America

Incubus ClubClosed Qualifier
Infinity EsportsClosed Qualifier
HokoriClosed Qualifier
CrewmatesClosed Qualifier
0-900Open Qualifier
InverseOpen Qualifier
Gorillaz-PrideOpen Qualifier
Mad KingsOpen Qualifier

The English stream links for all the regional matches are as follows:


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