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Los Angeles Thieves Sweep New York Subliners In Group A Match

Nadeshot always wanted to compete in the Call of Duty scene, and this year, he got back with a promising roster under the name of Los Angeles Thieves. Coach JKap’s players showed great performances in their first two games and remained undefeated. 

LA Thieves over NYSL 1
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Thieves

Game 1

Something strange happened at the beginning. According to JKap, SlasheR’s game was bugged, and as a result, the referees decided to replay the first game. After all the necessary environment was provided, the competition pleased everyone. Both teams played their hearts out and it was back and forth until the very end. Nearing the end of the game, the score was 241-241 so you can tell how intense the game was. The Thieves managed to beat their opponent in the first game. Slasher’s 30-kill performance was fun to watch as well as Asim’s 33 kills.

Game 2

The Los Angeles Thieves and New York Subliners played cat and mouse with each other. Second game was really close until the last round. New York Subliners entered map point with a score of 5-4, but the Los Angeles Thieves didn’t let their opponent to close out the game. The Thieves won the last round and came back from 5-4. Clayster was the last man standing but couldn’t finish the job. Kenny was absolutely spectacular with 16 kills.

Game 3

The New York Subliners started the third game better and won the first round. Clayster stepped up for his team, but Kenny reminded him of his presence by securing 12 kills in two rounds. TJHaly joined his teammate on the scoreboard contribution and these two made the difference. NYSL resisted until the end, but it still wasn’t enough. The Thieves closed out the series and improved its record to 2-0. NYSL’s Clayster looked really mad after the game. 

The Los Angeles Thieves are the leader of Group A now. To be honest, I can’t wait for the Dallas Empire-Los Angeles Thieves matchup on March 1.

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