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Los Angeles Thieves Surpass Seattle Surge In 5 Games

This matchup was actually crazy as both teams played their hearts out, and it was the best five games I have watched this year. All the maps were so close and hard to predict. In the end, the Los Angeles Thieves grabbed the victory and remained undefeated, but both teams have to be congratulated after their performances. Props to TJHaly for his performance in game five.

LA Thieves over Seattle 1
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Thieves

Game 1 – Hardpoint

Both teams contested the Hardpoint in the beginning. Sattle Surge’s Gunless made the difference for his team and didn’t let the Thieves increase the gap. On the other hand, Kenny’s aim decided the first game. With Temp’s help to Kenny, the Los Angeles Thieves won the first map 250-231. Kenny and Temp secured 67 kills in total and carried their team to victory. Later in the game, Pretinni and Loony joined Gunless with clutch kills but fell short in the end.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The second map was also close as expected. Both of these teams showed great performances in Search and Destroy before. In the end, the Seattle Surge answered its opponent with a 6-4 win and tied the series to 1-1. Octane was the real hero of the game for the Surge as he dealt 244.60 damage per round. His closest teammate in this statistic could only deal 156.40.

Game 3 – Control

The Los Angeles Thieves found an early lead, but the Seattle Surge answered immediately with well-organized team play. The Surge caught its opponent by winning the fourth round but couldn’t finish what they had started in time. The Los Angeles Thieves defeated its opponent 3-2 in Control and reached the match point of the series. Temp grabbed 34 kills but TJHaly dealt the most damage with 6,160. Fans probably expected more from Prestinni, but he failed to deliver a helping hand to his teammates.

Game 4 – Hardpoint

The second Hardpoint map started literally neck-and-neck. The lead was changing sides every second until the Seattle Surge found its rhythm and increased the gap. After the Surge reached 244 points, the Los Angeles Thieves secured the area for a possible comeback, but Octane said no. After getting incredibly important kills he didn’t only secure the area but he also secured the game for his team. Octane kept his team alive and headed to the fifth game.

Game 5 – Search and Destroy

We saw a completely different Thieves in the last game. They dominated the game from the beginning until the end. All the praises should go to TJHaly as he secured 12 kills without dropping once, finishing the game with 5,530 points. On the Thieves side, the closest player to TJHaly was SlasheR with only 850 points. TJ literally smurfed the game and put an end to the series.

The competition between these two teams was phenomenal. All the maps were so close and one player had to make a clutch more for its team. If you missed this game, you better check it out on Call of Duty’s YouTube channel.

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