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Los Angeles Thieves and Minnesota ROKKR Make Roster Changes

Minnesota ROKKR
Courtesy of the Call of Duty League

The Call of Duty League’s second stage started a couple days ago. Toronto Ultra made the first roster change by benching Methodz and promoting Insight to the main roster, and now more details are here. It was obvious that other teams were also going to make roster changes in order to pump some new blood and be successful. The Minnesota ROKKR and Los Angeles Thieves hop on the roster change train as Standy joined ROKKR’s starting lineup instead of MajorManiaK, and Temp is being benched for new LA Thieves player Venom.

The Minnesota ROKKR built its roster with high expectations. Attach and Accuracy were the trusted ones on the roster; however, things didn’t go as planned as the ROKKR failed to accomplish something worthy in the first stage. The team started the second stage with back-to-back losses which led it to make a roster change.

MajorManiaK was an important part of the 2020 Atlanta FaZe squad. He made it to the finals with his team but was unable to finish the job as Atlanta FaZe faced a loss against Dallas Empire in the 2020 finals. At first, MajorManiak’s signing was big for Minnesota ROKKR, but plans don’t always go exactly as expected.

The second team with a change in its roster is the Los Angeles Thieves. Temp played for the Subliners last year and joined the Los Angeles Thieves prior to the 2021 season. The LA Thieves looked pretty strong as it started the 2021 season with back-to-back wins, but a huge fall occurred after some time. From now on, we will be watching Venom instead of Temp.

These changes are pretty disputed because both benched players were seen as important and talented in the Call of Duty scene. Youngsters Venom and Standy are new to the scene. We may see surprising performances from these two.

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