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Los Angeles Guerillas Sweep LA Thieves In Winners Round 1

Two representatives of the city of Los Angeles competed against each other. The derby decided “the color” of the city, whether it’s purple or red. Seems like the city is purple today as the Los Angeles Guerillas didn’t have any problems sweeping the Los Angeles Thieves in three games. Normally we would see Vivid as the leader for LAG, but today all the players had great performances. TJHaly and his friends couldn’t show their personal strengths against textbook team play from the other side.

LAG over LAT WR1 1
Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Guerillas

Game 1 – Hardpoint

The Los Angeles Guerillas started the series with a huge early-game performance in Hardpoint. The purple side of L.A. led the scoreboard until the end. Apathy’s 31 kills helped the Guerillas a lot. TJHaly tried so hard for the opening victory but failed despite his 33 kills.

Game 2 – Search and Destroy

The Los Angeles Thieves players struggled in Hardpoint but started hot with a wonderful early-game Search. We saw them up 4-2 up; however, the Guerillas made a comeback and tied the game to 5-5. Last round was a total fiesta but Assault managed to make a clutch play which put LAG up 2-0 in the series.

Game 3 – Control

The last map of the series was not different from the first one. The Los Angeles Guerillas led the game from the beginning until the end and swept its strong opponent. Vivid and Silly secured 28 kills each but Apathy and Assault had the most total score after the last game.

Before the game, most of the fans predicted the Thieves to be moving on in the next round, but instead, LAT will drop to the elimination bracket and compete against the winner of the Paris Legion-Florida Mutineers matchup. Most importantly, I can’t wait to see this LAG team compete against Atlanta FaZe in the upper bracket.

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