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Los Angeles Guerillas Sweep LA Thieves in Local Derby

The last day of the stage two group action is live. Group A’s silent competitors the LA Thieves and Los Angeles Guerillas faced each other to get on top of the other in the standings. The Guerillas made it look easy with a 3-0 sweep over its rival. The Thieves managed to get only one overall win in five games whereas the Guerillas got two.

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Guerillas


Since it is a Los Angeles rivalry, all the fans expected to see a competitive game between these two teams; however, it looked like the Los Angeles Thieves players weren’t in the game mentally. With Silly’s magnificent performance, LAG picked up an easy win on Hardpoint. 

The Los Angeles Thieves continued their struggles playing as a team, and we all know what happens when a team’s chemistry decreases. The Guerillas won the opening Hardpoint map 250-161. Apathy had the biggest support after Silly with 23 kills and 4,025 points.

Search and Destroy

LAT bounced back pretty quick and started the second game with three consecutive wins. SlasheR’s dominant gameplay opened the doors for the side of the Thieves; however, the Los Angeles Guerillas didn’t waste any time and responded by tying the series to 5-5. 

After getting 3-0 ahead, the Los Angeles Thieves players looked complacent. The Guerillas squad came back in the game and Vivid put the last point up by getting the last kill. Assault and Silly both secured 11 kills, and on top of his 11-kill participation, Silly scored 2,500 points. The Los Angeles Thieves struggled to pursue its lead in the early minutes and got 2-0 behind in the series.


Both teams started with a win in the first two rounds, and while the Los Angeles Thieves got to match point first, the Guerillas didn’t let their opponent get an easy win. The last round was really close and head-to-head. Vivid stepped up with a three-kill streak in the last seconds to get his team the win. Vivid played his heart out, grabbing 36 kills and scoring 5,225 points. Silly’s 31-kill performance was also another key part for LAG’s win. Sadly, TJHaly’s 36-kill performance wasn’t enough for the Thieves. 

The Los Angeles Thieves continued their win drought. It is actually wild to see their current performance after an incredible start to the first stage. LAT had a great entrance to the league but failed to keep the chemistry together. The team will now start the major from the first round and try to grind its way to the top. 

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