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Los Angeles Gladiators Achieve 2 Sweeping Victories in OWL Week 2

After an underwhelming performance during Opening Weekend, the Los Angeles Gladiators came back to lay the hammer down for Overwatch League Week 2. The London Spitfire and the Boston Uprising treated the Gladiators to an undefeated weekend with two blowout wins on Day 1 and Day 2. Before being able to compete against their old rivals, the Boston Uprising, the second match of Day 1 had the LA Gladiators face off against the team from across the pond, the London Spitfire. 

Los Angeles Gladiators
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

Day 1

The LA Gladiators easily secured both of the points on Busan even though the London Spitfire came in with a strategic curveball by copying most of the Gladiators’ team composition. There were plenty of Wrecking Balls, Zenyattas, Tracers, and Sigmas to go around in the first round. Although the Spitfire changed their composition for round 2 to include counters, the Gladiators took the map to lead 1-0.

The Gladiators went on to fully deliver the payload in Havana despite some impressive defensive pushes by Hadi’s Reinhardt, who was also the star player for the Spitfire during Round 1 in Busan. What was more impressive, however, was Birdring handing out heaps of headshots to the Spitfire as McCree. The Gladiators managed to increase their lead to 2-0.

For Round 3 at Volskaya Industries, the Spitfire once again decided to take inspiration from the Gladiators’ team composition, but this time copying it in its entirety. Both teams were set up with a Tracer, Ashe, Wrecking Ball, Sigma, Brigitte and Zenyatta. It was a battle to see which team was more competent with the chosen characters, and in the end, that team was the LA Gladiators. The Spitfire nearly captured the final point to send the game into overtime, but the Gladiators came out of their spawn with their ultimate abilities at their disposal. For the LA Gladiators, this 3-0 win against the London Spitfire was the take-off point for their season. 

Day 2

The first round on Oasis started out in Boston Uprising’s favor by keeping the Gladiators off the point. Uprising’s own IM37 held it down as McCree while Faith utilized properly timed Lucio boops. 

However, the Gladiators answered back to the Uprising with two easy point captures giving them the round for a 0-1 lead. When it came to round 2 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, both of the teams were neck in neck in fierce battle. Just before the Uprising was about to take the round into overtime, Kevster’s Tracer stopped them in their tracks with a number of speedy kills. 

With the Gladiators ahead by two, the Uprising needed to get its head in the game for Round 3 in Hanamura. The Uprising, much like the Spitfire in Day 1, adjusted their team composition to mirror most of what the Gladiator’s team was composed of. In the end, the Gladiators smoked the Uprising with plenty of time to spare. The Gladiators crushed their opponents and made it out of the weekend undefeated. The London Spitfire and the Boston Uprising weren’t out of the woods just yet as they had to face off against two rockstar teams: the Houston Outlaws and the Dallas Fuel.

Day 3

The London Spitfire practically handed the game over to the Houston Outlaws, allowing them to continue their winning streak from Opening Weekend. Hadi was able to shine once again as Reinhardt with great pushes against the Outlaws, but JJangu responded back in devastating fashion. The clash of the Reinhardts in Hanamura was definitely the highlight of the match. 

The Boston Uprising folded in the first two rounds because of expert plays by Doha, Fearless, and SP9RK1E of the Dallas Fuel. Round 3 was an impressive battle with the Uprising taking it to overtime. Despite the Uprising’s tenacity, the game inevitably went to the Dallas Fuel with a final score of 3-0.

Week 2 of the OWL didn’t fare well for the London Spitfire or the Boston Uprising, who each faced a weekend of blowout losses. While not an ideal start for their respective seasons, there are plenty of weeks of the OWL ahead to give them a chance to recover. For the full rundown of all of the matches from Week 2, click here.

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