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Lords Of The Fallen 2 Has Been Announced

Game devs are no stranger to Reddit, and oftentimes, many connect with the fanbase in the comment threads and announce future updates on current projects. CI Games announced just a few days ago they were working on the anticipated sequel, and we can expect it soon.

Lords of the Fallen
Image Courtesy of Youtube

The news broke on r/LordsoftheFallen and @loftgame on Twitter, where it was better received. The devs claimed that the new game could shift the franchise over to the dark-fantasy genre and featured a completely revised combat system. 

Despite the recent news, the sequel was announced in 2014 before CI Games partnered up with and ditched many other companies. Hexworks is now in creative control and it’s their first-ever project.  

The original developer of the game split off to create the Surge series, which saw a lot of success with the help of GamePass, and because the combat was so similar to Lords of the Fallen.

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Image Courtesy of The G.O.G

Lords of the Fallen wasn’t poorly received. It received a mix of positive and average reviews, and there have been over 900,000 copies sold since its launch. It had a distinct Dark-Souls vibe to it, but didn’t verge too far into the unforgiving territory. I’m interested to see if we continue the story of Harkyn or become introduced to an entirely new hero. 

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