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London Royal Ravens Sign Afro

The Call of Duty League 2021 is at the door, and the main rosters are locked. The London Royal Ravens will compete with Seany, Alexx, Dylan and Zer0, and, on top of that, the team announced its substitute player for the upcoming season: Afro. He may have a chance to slide into the starting lineup depending on his performance.

Photo courtesy of London Royal Ravens

Afro is one of the best Call of Duty Challengers players in Europe. The English player has competed for Athaim Gaming, Team 3G, Blu Martini Gaming, Obtained Esports, Team WaR, and lastly, House Tarth. This year will be his first in the Call of Duty League. 

Obviously, the London Royal Ravens represent London, England, and all the players on the roster are from Great Britain. Seany is Scottish, Dylan is Northern Irish, and both Alexx and Zer0 are English. Afro’s transfer is not a surprise since his glaring performance was being watched all around the world by managers.

Afro has been announced as the substitute player of the roster, but there is still time before the season opener. We may see him get off the bench and compete in the London Royal Ravens uniform.

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