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LNG Esports Upsets Invictus Gaming In Its Opponent’s 700th LPL Game

The 2021 LPL season continues as the days pass. Surprising performances and results make the league better than ever. Today, Korean superstar jungler Tarzan’s team, LNG Esports, got the W over TheShy and Rookie’s Invictus Gaming. LNG takes its first victory in its first match of the 2021 LPL Spring Split.

LNG Esports 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Game 1

Tarzan started his LPL career with a Pantheon pick. Both junglers played slow in the early game, but LNG was the winner of the early phase. The fight in the river was just one sided and LNG got four kills without dropping a man. Late game monster Tristana got two kills and two assists in six minutes, which was disastrous news for Invictus Gaming. Tarzan pressured the whole Rift and got his solo laners ahead. After countless one-sided team fights, LNG grabbed the first win in 29 minutes. Light and Icon looked impressive throughout the game.

Game 2

TheShy picked Vayne to play in top lane and Invictus Gaming didn’t have a tank except Baolan’s Leona. The team managed to pick the Orianna-Leona combo though. Tarzan showed what he is capable of with Olaf in the early game and got ahead of XUN. Invictus Gaming managed to win team fights with Rookie’s Orianna ults. LNG turned its attention to Vayne but forgot about Graves and Orianna. It wasn’t clear if TheShy did these distraction plays on purpose, but I have to admit, it actually worked. The last Baron Nashor fight decided the winner and LNG Esports smurfed on IG with the help of Icon and Light.

LNG managed to start the season with a win and the team looked like a contender considering Tarzan is not the only carry player on the roster. It still has a long road, but this start may give its confidence a boost.

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