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Life is Strange: True Colors Coming This September

Life is Strange
All Images Courtesy of Square Enix

The Square Enix Presents broadcast premiered the very first look at the brand new entry to the Life is Strange series, Life is Strange: True Colors. The game is slated for a full, all-episode release on September 10, 2021 for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series XIS, Xbox One, and Steam. 

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Life is Strange: True Colors features a brand new story, cast of characters, and a whole new power to the series. Players take the role of Alex Chen, a 21-year old woman who travels to the small town of Haven Springs to reunite with her long lost brother. Alex possesses a supernatural ability, or “curse” as she labels it, called Empathy. This special power enables Alex to see the emotions of others, which take on the appearance of different colored auras that emanate from individuals depending on the type of emotion being felt. Not only can she see their emotions, but Alex is further able to experience, absorb, and even manipulate them. The drawback however, is that Alex must be careful when using her power, as the emotions of others can potentially threaten to overwhelm and consume her. 

Comprised of five episodes, the story of Life is Strange: True Colors centers around Alex and her investigation of her brother Gabe’s death. While Gabe is believed to have died due to an accident, Alex suspects that there is more to the story and sets out to discover the truth with her power of Empathy. In her journey to solve the mystery, she must earn the trust of the townsfolk. While her search for the truth will uncover the darker secrets of Haven Springs, she is supported by her two new friends, park ranger Ryan and local DJ Steph, both of whom Alex may pursue romantically. 

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Life is Strange: True Colors requires players to make vital decisions that will steer the story and Alex’s ultimate fate. Players may travel around the town of Haven Springs with Alex as she searches for the truth about Gabe’s death, visiting shops and and exploring hidden areas whilst solving puzzles and helping the townsfolk with the power of Empathy. Alex will also have 24 different outfits that she can wear during playthroughs. Players will ultimately decide Alex’s future in Haven Springs through their choices and actions throughout the course of the game. 

Life is Strange: True Colors will break the trend of previous titles, with all five of its episodes releasing at once instead of releasing in increments. The game will be available for the PS5, Xbox Series XIS, PS4, Xbox One, and on Steam. Life is Strange: True Colors will come in a Standard Edition, a Deluxe Edition, and an Ultimate Edition. The Standard Edition will include the standalone game without any additional content. The Deluxe Edition adds the DLC story “Life is Strange: Wavelengths” and the Life is Strange Hero Outfit Pack, which includes four outfits from the series’ previous protagonists for Alex to wear. The Ultimate Edition includes everything in the Deluxe Edition and further adds the Life is Strange: Remastered Collection, an improved and visually enhanced bundle of the original Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm games.

With preorders currently underway, Life is Strange: True Colors will officially launch on September 10, 2021.

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