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Let me teach you how to play Beerio Kart: The Mario Kart drinking game (21+)

I absolutely love Mario Kart, I think it is one of the most fun games to play with friends and it just never gets old. That being said, my friends and I did come out with a little drinking game to go along with all the action. Let me walk you through how it works.

Courtesy of Registered Nerd, Youtube

What you will need for this game

Mario Kart the game

-Enough controllers for the amount of people playing

-A cup or glass for each player

-A rack of beer

Seems simple enough, right? The great thing about this drinking game is that it really doesn’t take much time or preparation to play.

How to play

The biggest thing you need to know about this game is similar to a rule your parents taught you at a young age. YOU CAN NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. How this game works is that at the start of the game, each player will get a beer. Each player must finish his or her beer before they cross the finish line. The catch is you can not be driving while you are drinking. Once you stop drinking your beer you are permitted to start driving again. How my friends and I play is that we do four rounds and the winner overall after all the rounds is the champion. If you do not want to drink that much beer, it is perfectly okay to do only one or two races. If the map causes you to fly but you are still moving, you are still not allowed to drink.


Here is where the game gets interesting. There are some different strategies you can use. I for one have the strategy of immediately at the start of the race just chugging my full beer as fast as I can before I even move from the start. This way, I get it out of the way and can fully concentrate on my driving. The only downside to this strategy is that I usually have to play catch-up.

Another strategy is to drive the full race and stop just before the finish line and chug your beer. This leads to some crazy endings to races as one player is trying to chug their beer right before the finish line and another player is trying to catch up and win before they finish.

Another common strategy is to do a sort of start-stop method where you stop and chug some beer then keep going and continue doing this throughout the whole race. I personally do not like this method but it works for some people.

So there you have it. I have had just so much fun over the years playing this game and I can honestly see myself being like 40 with kids and stealing my children’s controllers in order to play with my boys. But I guess maybe I am just a child at heart. Also, please remember to drink responsibility and always remember the important rule for the game and just for life in general. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE.

That’s all I got for you all today. Catch you gamers on the flip side.

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