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LEC’s Team Vitality Promotes Szygenda to Main Roster

Team Vitality formed arguably the best roster it has ever announced before the LEC 2021 Summer Split. Picking up Lider and Selfmade was the biggest news of the split by far as these two are considered wonderkids; however, things didn’t go as planned and Team Vitality made its first roster change since the beginning of the split. The team’s latest transfer, SLT, a.k.a. SALUT A TOUS, has been benched and former LEC top laner Szygenda has been moved to the main roster. Team Vitality secured one win and one loss after the change.

Courtesy of Riot Games

SLT was one of the best players outside LEC in Europe. As a French organization, Team Vitality got lots of compliments by acquiring the French top laner, but the team had to make a change to prevent an unsuccessful split with all these expectations above its head. The French organization had three wins and five losses before the change.

Team Vitality had a modest roster last split with Milica and Skeanz. Syzgenda used to be one of the most important pieces of the five, but he was never able to show his full potential. Last week, he played in LEC once again and secured a win as well as a loss. Vitality’s loss against Fnatic is not a big deal before the playoffs as the team will get better eventually. Szygenda’s Gwen pick against Fnatic didn’t work well as Adam’s Sett was a lot more useful.

On the other hand, SLT’s Team Vitality Academy journey has been a lot better. He got two wins against Misfits Premier and Team Solary even though his performance was not the best against Agresivoo’s Akali.

It is not clear yet if Team Vitality will end the split with Szygenda. We still have three more weeks before the playoff stage and Vitality is battling for a playoff spot with Astralis right now. Six games is a lot considering other teams’ development. The standings will change and look a lot different for sure, and Vitality may find itself a spot in the playoff bracket with Szygenda, Selfmade, Lider, Crownshot and Labrov.

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