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LCK’s T1 Parts Ways With Daeny and Zefa

One of LCK’s oldest organizations T1 didn’t have its best start to this year’s LCK Summer Split. The team had five wins and five losses in its first 10 games of the split and hardly remained in the playoff bracket. After the unsuccessful start, T1 decided to part ways with coaches Daeny and Zefa and promoted Moment to the main roster as well as added Stardust as the interim head coach. Looks like Moment and Stardust had a huge impact on the roster since the team won its last two games that were played after the change.

graphic 111 1
Courtesy of T1

With its 10-man roster, T1 had a disastrous performance last split. Finishing the regular season in fourth place and getting eliminated by Gen.G in the playoffs wasn’t expected by the fans. Daeny and Zefa formed the coaching staff and got criticized a lot during the split. However, T1 didn’t make any changes before Summer Split and it went 5-5. 

According to the latest announcement, we won’t see Daeny and Zefa coaching T1 at least until the end of the season. Surprisingly, it looks like this was the change the team needed considering its latest results. With Moment and Stardust behind the wheel, T1 won two games against KT Rolster and defending champion DAMWON KIA. The first thing the new coach duo did was to replace Cuzz with Oner, and he played his heart out in both of the games. The team swept KT Rolster and won 2-1 against DAMWON KIA.

Moment used to coach the T1 Challengers team, and the team is at the last spot in the standings, failing to satisfy the expectations. Moment’s coaching performance, as well as the players’ individual performances, will decide whether T1 will make it to the Worlds stage this year. Considering Faker and his friends’ performances last week, it is not wrong to say that they have a solid chance of winning or at least attending Worlds 2021.

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