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LA Thieves Back on Track With a Sweep Over Paris Legion

The LA Thieves decided to give Drazah a shot prior to Major II and it worked really well. Drazah proved his worth by playing one of the most important roles in his team. The Los Angeles Thieves advanced to the next round in three maps whereas Paris Legion’s road has come to an end. 

LA Thieves
Courtesy of the Los Angeles Thieves


The first map lead changed hands often, but it was the Los Angeles representative that managed to keep it at the very end. The Paris Legion’s countless efforts weren’t enough against the new Thieves lineup. LA won the first game 250-203 as Drazah and Kenny shared the protagonist role. Drazah got 36 kills and scored 4,810 points in his first game under the Los Angeles Thieves uniform. His biggest supporter, Kenny, had 32 kills and 4,650 points in the end. Classic and Skrapz showed us a real fight with 34 kills each, but to be honest, their team plan wasn’t optimal. Fire’s poor individual performance was another factor though.

Search and Destroy

The second game was a literal stomp by the Los Angeles Thieves. Unlike his first game performance, Classic couldn’t secure a single kill and looked like he was mentally drained. Los Angeles closed down the game without dropping a single round. The French side struggled throughout the game and got only five kills as a team. On the other hand, Venom took the spotlight with nine kills, but Kenny’s 1,750-point performance was not something we should overlook.


Just like the previous game, the Los Angeles Thieves demolished Paris Legion’s hopes by focusing on team play and chemistry. It was obvious that Classic had some trouble keeping his head in the game after losing the first round, collecting only eight kills during the third game as he failed to help his teammates hold onto the series. Drazah has been the real deal for the side of LA Thieves, securing 17 kills and scoring 2,065 points. Kenny boosted up the tempo of his play, keeping his attention on objectives as well as lurking and entry fragging. He literally did everything and gave his all.

Los Angeles Thieves are back on track with the new lineup. In my latest roster change article, I have underlined Drazah’s hunger and energy that would eventually boost this team’s morale and confidence. If they keep their chemistry and confidence in this level, they may aim for even bigger for the second Major.

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