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Krepo Announces His Return To Streaming

Krepo used to be a famous League of Legends player back in the time. After his retirement from professional play, he decided to pursue his esports career as a streamer for a while until some controversial events affected both his life and career. Now, he published a long explanation of what happened and what has changed in his life, finishing it with the announcement of his return to the scene.

Krepo Announces 1
Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Krepo started his League of Legends career in 2011 with CLG Europe, where he played in the Worlds Season 2 semifinal. After his departure from the team, he had an agreement with Evil Geniuses and pursued his career under the EG uniform. He was considered not only one of the best support players but also the funniest and entertaining.

In 2015, he got into some controversy and had to take a break from social media. He worked for Splyce, FC Schalke 04 Esports, G2 Esports and Team Vitality. His main job for all these teams was to stay behind the scene and help the organizations grow but sometimes he got back on the Rift and showed his skill again. He was known as “Boris” during this time.

According to Krepo’s announcement, he stabilized his lifestyle and will be back on Twitch talking about League of Legends in general and also LEC in particular. A lot of fans were excited and almost all the LEC crew, including some prominent League of Legends faces, congratulated him for his statement. 

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