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Konami Outsourced Silent Hill, But To Where?

Silent hill
Courtesy of The Guardian

Two insiders reported to VCG that Konami licensed out the beloved franchise to another developer. 

It’s being reported by VGC that Konami has outsourced Silent Hill to another Japanese developer. The developer’s identity hasn’t yet been revealed, but we are told they’re “prominent,” meaning they most likely have successful titles under their belt. They also stated they were approached by two insiders who gave more details. 

Apparently, Konami had approached Supermassive to develop the game, but there wasn’t any extensive work done on the project, and nothing came of it. The game is also said to be a departure/reboot of the series, which implies that Konami was trying to revitalize the IP in some way. 

As for VGC’s credibility, they have reported on a number of leaks and rumors that have turned true. Warzone’s release date, the Mario 3D collection, and the Resident Evil 4 remake were all reported on the site before being officially announced, only adding credibility to their current statements. 

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if this mysterious developer was Capcom? Can you imagine them making Resident Evil and Silent Hill at the same time? I wouldn’t put too much money on it, but with the series new angle after RE7, I can definitely see how Capcom could put a new spin on our beloved Silent Hill.


VGC’s credibility leads us to believe this is reputable reporting, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for the new Silent Hill, regardless of who the developer may be. 

You can read VGC’s full report here.

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