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kkOma returns to LCK as the Head Coach of Damwon Gaming

League of Legends’ free agency window is near, and teams are already making huge roster moves. The latest Worlds Champion Damwon Gaming has announced Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun, the T1’s legendary ex-head coach, as their head coach for the upcoming 2021 season. The announcement has been made through the team’s social media accounts.

Photo courtesy of Damwon Gaming

The statement came just after the termination news of Zefa and Deany, who led Damwon through the 2020 season in which they lifted the trophy in Worlds 2020. In the statement, the last champion wants their fans to keep supporting the new head coach.

“Hello, from 2021, head-coach ‘kkOma’ has joined Damwon Gaming. Under the leadership of head-coach Kim Jung-gyun, who has taken 13 trophies since 2013 by winning eight times LCK, twice MSI, and three Worlds Cups, we will continue to create the success story of Damwon Gaming. Please support head-coach Kim Jung-gyun and look forward to Damwon Gaming, thank you.”

Courtesy of Riot Games

kkOma began his journey in 2012 after becoming head coach of SK Telecom T1. After the average first season, the 34-years-old coach led his team to the World Championship in 2013 just as the SKT era started. Kim Jeong-gyun worked under T1’s uniform for seven years between 2012-2019. During that time, he claimed 16 championships including 3x Worlds, 2x MSI, and 8x LCK. kkOma’s last two years in T1 were tough, and as the result of it he parted ways with the team and headed to LPL as the head coach of Vici Gaming. However, the legendary coach couldn’t find success there. Vici Gaming finished LPL 2020 Spring as ninth and 2020 Summer as eleventh. 

With the two-years long contract, one of the most talented coaches in League of Legends has returned to his home to prove himself once more. Let’s see if kkOma will be able to keep Damwon at the top under the huge expectations.

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